Transformers Siege War For Cybertron - Micromaster Laser Beak and Ravage

Just like Dr. Evil have his Mini-Me in Austin Powers trilogy and Snow White have her own The 7 Horny Dwarves in her self-titled stories, Soundwave is not complete without his spy minions Laser Beak and Ravage and the rest (to the minimum he should at least have Laser Beak and Ravage) - or at least that's what I believe...

Hence, today we will look at this Micromaster figures from the same SIEGE: WAR FOR CYBERTRON toy line series and first and foremost, the packaging:

Out of the packaging, we will get both Laser Beak and Ravage in their "beast mode"or "animal mode" - some sort of bird and black panther.

Let's start with Laser Beak:

I think this version of Laser Beak looks pretty decent - in fact way better than the previous Laser Beak from TITANS toy line series.

I have no complaints about the previous Laser Beak from TITANS toy line series transform into some sort of tablet in their alternate mode, which is kind of cool, but this classic cassette form is the usual fan favorites so being a fan of Soundwave, again I have no objection what so ever.

And the usual features that should available to any reasonable Soundwave figure - the storage bay or the cassette bay...

And that's how Laser Beak looks like inside that chest compartment of Soundwave:

And now we move on to Ravage the black panther. In it's animal mode, it's not perfect but it doesn't look much different from the original classic version and I'm happy with that. 

And of course it can transform into the cassette mode:

And that's how Ravage looks like inside that chest compartment of Soundwave:

In addition to the above, they have additional feature where they can be attached at the shoulder of Soundwave:

So that's how they look like mounted or attached on the shoulders of Soundwave - I don't really fancy but it's not a bad idea actually considering the fact that only 1 cassette can fit into the chest and I guess maybe some of you would enjoy this:

As for me, this how I would display this Soundwave and his spy minions:

Overall, just like any other Soundwave figures, you gotta need to have his minions hence when you bought the Soundwave Voyager Class figure, you should also grab this Micromaster figures of Laser Beak and Ravage to make them complete together as one happy family. Like they said, Batman have a Robin, Iron Man have a Pepper Pot and Soundwave should have his minions, as always....



  1. LOLOLOLOL... The 7 Horny Dwarves, I never saw it coming LOL, it gaves the original story a politically incorrect and kinky touch that otherwise it wouldn’t have... On the other hand, yeah, Soundwave without its minions is like Thanos in babydoll... It just wouldn’t look right and while I would prefer both cassettes inside the chest, well, this option doesn’t look too ugly either...


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