1/43 Bburago Ferrari 488 Spider by Shell Malaysia

Recently, Shell Malaysia has introduced a new set of limited-edition Ferrari collectible toy cars in 1/43 scale consisting of 8 Ferrari icons from the 1950s onwards, in conjunction with the Prancing Horse’s 70th year anniversary.

From the ’50s, the decade being represented by the 250 Testa Rossa, followed by the iconic 250 GTO from the early ’60s. Next, there’s the 365 GTB/4 or the Daytona, which was produced from the late ’60s to early ’70s. The homage to the ’80s comes in the form of the 288 GTO from 1984, followed by the F50 from the mid-90s and through the millenium with the 430 Scuderia from 2007 and the 488 Spider, which came about in 2015, and Scuderia Ferrari SF71H (which is quite a lame car honestly).

I only interested with 3 of them and the 1st being this 488 Spider. Hence, let's have a look:

First, the box:

By the way, this is some sort of purchase with purchase offier - you need to spend minimum of MYR30.00 (about USD7.27) of petrol or diesel before you can buy the car model at MYR 15.90 (about USD3.86) - OR you can buy their full synthetic engine oil and you will get 1 for free.

OK, moving forward with the car model at 1/43 scale:

From what you can see so far, this is one of those typical standard budget version from Bburago. The detailing is absolute minimalist but then again as they said "Limited Edition".... yeah right!!!

You can have a close look on the detailing part from several close up pictures below:

And just like almost everything today, this was made in China, of course....

Overall, I think this is still quite a cheap but fun model for your collection (if you are a fan of Ferrari models). The detailing is not great but quite sufficient considering the cheap price. I'm happy with it, simple as that.

And just for fun sake, we compared this model side by side with a 360 Spider produced by Hot Wheels many years ago which obviously was retailed at a higher price because it is meant to be for serious collectors.



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