Takara Tomy Transformers Titans Return LG36 Soundwave

This is the popular Soundwave Transformers mecha figure from the series of "Transformers: Titans Return" which is an internet-based animated series created by Adam Beechen and F.J. DeSanto, and produced by Machinima, Inc. and Tatsunoko Production, in partnership with Hasbro Studios.

"Transformers: Titans Return" is based on the Transformers franchise, it is the sequel to "Transformers: Combiner Wars" and the second installment of the "Prime Wars Trilogy". It was released for the U.S. audience in November 2017 and later for the international audience in January 2018.

Anyway, let's have a look at this Leader Class Soundwave from Takara Tomy. First the box:

And out of the box:

And this is Soundwave in the boombox mode with all the additional accessories and equipment and of course Soundblaster as the Titan Master Partner which eventually will transform into the head of Soudwave robot mode.

And the most popular essential features for most Soundwave figures is this eject button:

So when you press that, the front compartment will opened-up like this:

And you have this rocket-sled thingy that you can insert inside that opened compartment:

In this boombox mode (or soundbar or maybe you can call it "radio cassette player" LOL), you can actually mount the weapons (the rifle and the cannon battery) at the rear like this:

OK, now into the second mode of the "triple-changer" - the stage mode or maybe you can also call it as the battle base or battle station mode - whatever you like, it is as it is:

Let's have a closer look at this Soundblaster the Titan Master Partner:

Not much articulation on this mini figure but whatever he got is enough for him to transform into the head of Soundwave.

You can actually store him under that rocket-sled thingy:

OK, now it's time to look at the final mode of this "triple-changer" - Soundwave robot mode:

Being in "Leader Class" this Soundwave is quite tall large in size, more or less like those "Master Piece" figure size. If you're Gundam model kit people, the size is around almost those 1/60 scale GunPla. The articulation is very decent, the play value is also exciting and it comes with all the familiar gimmicks associated with Soundwave. This is a very fun toy and a decent item for collectors depending on their personal taste and preferences but kids will certainly love this "triple-changer" Soundwave.

In addition to Soundwave, we will also take a look at these Legen Class Transformers Titan Return Laserbeak and Ravage. Apart from their default condor and panther mode, these "spy-tablets" are also "triple-changer" type as they can also change to another additional alternate mode which is some sort of forklift and some jet.

The packaging:

OK, first let's look at this Ravage in this some sort of jet plane mode and yes I personally think it's ugly:

And now Ravage in his phanter or black jaguar (animal) mode which looks pretty decent:

And now let's have a look at this Laserbeak in his animal mode - which is a condor or whatever bird you would like him to be:

Apparently this version of Laserbeak have more black color than red - the tradition is that it suppose to have more red color on it.

In general, it does look and feel like Laserbeak but in my opinion it's not that great, just above average - it's kind of OK.

I couldn't be bothered to show you the other mode of Laserbeak which is some sort of forklift-like vehicle but not really or a rather roller thingy. I don't know what is it but you can see it from the packaging:

Laserbeak and Ravage, side by side:

And certainly you got to pose them around or with Soundwave because it is only then that all of them are complete as one.

And both of them in their "spy-tablet" mode:

Just like that rocket-sled thingy, you can also insert this "soy-tablet" into the chest compartment of Soundwave:

You can also play them this way - Soundwave reading and reviewing the information from his minions, the the "spy-tablet" of Ravage and Laserbeak:

There is one thing that I'm a bit disappointed with this particular Leader Class Soundwave and that is about the storage space on the chest compartment. I had this Voyager Class Soundwave from the Fall of Cybertron series and I really love the robot mode of that Soundwave because the chest compartment can store up to 3 of his minions (the data disc). On the other hand, this Leader Class Soundwave from Titans Return can only store 1  "spy-tablet" or that rocket-sled thingy. The size is bigger, so it's normal for me to have such expectation but it ain't so.

This is the very reason why I don't bother to look up further for the 3rd Soundwave minions in this series which is "Rumble". He is the best out of the 3 of them especially in his tank mode. I would buy it if I happen to accidentally found it in any local toy stores with standard original retail price or discounted price but beyond that, I wont be rushing.

Comparison with the other Soundwave (minus the MP-13) that we have over the years:

Overall, despite my little disappointment about the single storage space for the spy-tablet on the chest compartment, this Soundwave is a fantastic toy with great play value, a triple-changer with nice detailing and fun articulation capabilities. If only it can store up to 3 of his minions - those "spy-tablets" - into his chest compartment then I wouldn't have any complain and I would regard this as the second best Soundwave after the MP-13 but in this case - it is not!!!

I got this with 40% discount and free shipping (USD43.00) during Christmas 2018 clearance sales from a local online shop as Christmas gift to my self and I would say that it's a very good bargain. A few months ago I thought I would never had the chance to buy this item anymore as most online retailer is running out of stock and some of them is selling it at slightly higher price and just like that, thanks to God, miracle happens, Christmas come with great discounts - sometimes being late can be rewarding LOL LOL LOL...



  1. Radio cassette player term more used in my ear XD
    In a way i glad they keep the classical BoomBox shape, I believe my generation is the last to knew cassette lol.. Thought ravage and Laserbreak turn into tablet which still fine

  2. The titans version stays true to the G1 design and incorporating current technologies. I always fancy those toy that transforms to base with mini figures attached. You have quite a collection of Soundwave toys. Kudos...

    1. my collection is very little especially nowadays as I get older. I think your collections are far more majestic if compared to mine and I noticed that you are a consistent fan and collector for those Dragon Ball series

  3. I love this rendition of Soundwave and despite it belongs to a recent series made for the american market, I think it has a great resemblance with the one made for the G1, which for me is an excellent tribute !!!... It has a lot of accessories and in the "battle station" mode looks imposing... Even with the lack of room for the three minions I think is a wonderful collectible, I mean the level of detail achieved is much more than decent, also the fact that the color details were painted or made with tampos is a big plus, considering that the original stickers had a very short life and an awful old age, congrats on this haul !!!...

  4. Most of the soundwave I have to say are always there in design and often still popular. Even shockwave too!


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