1/144 HGBF Hi-Nu Gundam Vrabe

This is my first ever GunPla from the Gundam Build Fighters (GBF) series. My favorite from the series is obviously the "GAT-X105B/FP Build Strike Gundam Full Package" which is of course another version of Strike Gundam from the Gundam Seed series but since I the discount is pretty delicious for this Vrabe hence, I end up with theisVrabe for now...

The box:

Out of the box... all the stuff:

And after spending several hours in the course of several days building it, this is the result:

It comes with quite a decent amount of weaponary and accessories, some standard from the original Nu Gundam and some are new addition and/or modifications:

These blades for instance is a very nice modification from the original Hi-Nu, I like it a lot:

This claw something like that Wolverine thingy is not favorite and certainly I dislike it:

Another modification from the original Hi-Nu Gundam that I like the most on this model is removable back-pack the can be combined with the shield to form some sort of bird:

I think this is the purpose of that thing that looks like a penis but not really.... LOL...

Overall, this Hi-Nu Vrabe is quite decent. The articulation is not outstanding but nothing terrible either considering the original source of this kit is from the year of 2009. The weaponary and accessories supplied with this kit is pretty good though not perfect but then again since this is under the "HG" class price point so we can't expect everything to be perfect right. I think Bandai is doing very well in trying to be minimalist and yet reasonable. I like this kit, I'm happy with it. Simple as that...

With the rest of our Gundams - not many really:



  1. a Dick with Bandai balls XD

  2. It looks like this Gundam Build Fighters series is drawing some attention both from young and adult gunpla fans and in that sense, it was a very good move by Bandai to help giving some momentum to its sales... They know how to keep finances in check, that’s for sure !!!... I like this mecha design very much and the simple but nifty color scheme, it’s a good approach for a mobile suit heavy on equipment and weaponry... The bird-like companion is a great bonus, it reminds me an archaeopteryx (or a prehistorical dick, if you will, LOLOLOLOLOLOL)... =D

  3. I have been missing out lots of Gunpla these days and GBF sure has think out the box. Now it’s a lot more gimmicks and yeah the funnels are wings for Mecha bird! How innovative : ) nice build there bro!


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