Hasbro Star Wars - The Last Jedi - Rey (Jedi Training)

Thanks to the recent clearance sales at Toys R' us, I grabbed this for the sake of getting Rey. The original price was SGD 36.00 (about USD27.50 / EUR 22.38 / GBP 19.52 / JPY 2,940) - which for me is very expensive for such a 3.75 inch figure who no longer have articulation on the elbows and knees like they used to be 10 years ago but at the discounted price of SGD 9.00 (about USD 6.87 / EUR 5.59 / GBP 4.88 / JPY 735) - I think it's perfect and a must grab!!!

This is the box:

OK, let's start with this "Elite Praetorian Guard" which I will throw away by giving it away to my nephew.

It's red and it's beautiful but the lack of articulation made me don't really like it much...

Unlike Hasbro Star Wars figures of around 10 years ago that came with articulation (joints) at the elbow and knee, nowadays only those from "The Black Series" can have that hence we end up getting this minimal movement at the shoulder and a little bit on the hip (end up it looks like a stiff stupid robot) but we still need to pay the same price we paid during those good old days. Hasbro, please stop this!!! Please give us back the articulation and you can think off something better for "The Black Series" and charge more. I can understand that Hasbro is merely using their "business and marketing" strategy but this is bad. The one who will suffer the most is those retailers (like Toys R' Us) who took large bulk orders from Hasbro - the sales figure is poor - end up they have to clear the stock by selling it cheap and sometimes even then, not many people would want to buy anymore. Probably they are some like me who love great bargain but they are plenty of others who really think long and hard before they spend their money....

Look at the picture below, if this is the future of the standard retail pack of 3.75 inch Hasbro action figures... I guess I wont buy as often as I did in the past and probably will eventually lost interest and just don't bother anymore....

OK, that's the end of that "Elite Praetorian Guard" - he is now at the hand of my nephew who will play with it and smash it with his other toys like cars and dinosaurs and so on.... you can guess how the ending...

Now it's time for Rey, I don't have any 3.75 inch action figures of Rey in my collections yet simply because of the articulation issues I mentioned above.

Those days, I used to spend around USD 15.00 for each of those 3.75 inch Star Wars (or any action figures from Hasbro) and I think that is the fair price because the figure is decently detailed, it comes with decent articulation point especially on the elbow and knee and they promise better play value.

However, nowadays, they have "The Black Series" with the same features we enjoyed last time but slightly higher price and they have this "regular series pack" which retailed at the standard USD 15.00 price but now they are as stiff as a broom, no more articulation at the elbow and knee (those days on some figures we also get articulation on the ankle), probably looks a little bit better as a standing statue or some sort of decoration item in a temple but extremely less play value.

Even my nephew is complaining that he cant make the "Elite Praetorian Guard" sit on his other toy car properly....sigh...

So OK, back to Rey, we will get these and also an additional shoulder mounted bazooka in which I have no interest with it and I simply throw it away.

The face sculpt and the overall detailing and painting is decent:

And oh... we also get this blaster pistol mounted on her right hip:

Articulation wise.... sigh... the picture below can tell it all:

Not much we can do, let's try all those weapons and accessories:

And maybe you can try to do something like this and that's about it:

Look at this Princess Leia figure from around 10 years ago, no matter how simple it is, those articulation points is indeed useful and make it more fun and enjoyable:

Overall, thanks to the discount, I finally got my "Rey", it's decently crafted, very good painting finishing and detailing but with much less option when you wan to play around with it. At such low discounted price, I can't complain much, I'm quite grateful and a little bit happy but not so much...



  1. Thank you for support Toys R' Us... Like you mentioned, the price is still on the high side for the lack of articulation. The decent facial sculpt kind of make up for it. The Princess Leia figure that special featured looks exception good and stands against the test of time.

  2. I have not bought any Hasbro 3.75" figure recently (since 5 years ago) and never actively searched for Star Wars merchandise, but I did get several figures of the Marvel Universe Series, which are the same size, as well as others from the G.I. JOE Series and I remember very well their level of articulation: they featured 16 points of articulation, which is roughly what you get in 6", 7" or 8" figures, quite remarkable !!!...

    These recently released figures you’re reviewing here are very disappointing in that sense, since they’re pretty much at the same price level and you get much less for the money you’re investing, even considering the important discount... I don’t know if it’s a matter of an expensive license (probably) or additionally that Hasbro is getting increasingly more petty-minded, as I think is the trend for many important companies in the toys / collectibles segment, more concerned about profit than into offer quality products and while there are several aspects to consider in the price for the final consumer, you still feel kind of scammed when you put in the scales what you’re paying against what you’re getting...

    Again: in the end, it’s you’re choice and in my case, I prefer by far the older stuff, even if I have to pay a more, since the balance between price and features makes older stuff much more appealing than the recent one !!!... =D


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