Takara Tomy - Star Wars #10 BB-8

Nowadays more and more Japanese toy makers started to get more involved with Star Wars franchise which means we can now have more options unlike those good old days where almost all the toys comes only from Kenner and/or Hasbro.
This is a simple mini figure of BB-8 from Star Wars Episode 7 and 8 and what ever comes next. Just like R2D2 and C-3PO, this BB-8 managed to become a sensational hits for fans around the world because it's so cute!!!

So for now, let's have a look at what Takara Tomy can offer, first thing first - the box::

And now the BB-8 out of the box:

As you can see from the picture below, this item is quite small but I think in terms of size it corresponds well with the standard 3.75 inch figure that we usually get from Kenner/Hasbro.

Not much articulation we can expect from BB-8 figure but at least on this particular item, we can still do this:

Other than that, not much really, you can turn the head to left and right and then the round body you can also twisted it a bit moving around like a ball should:


The detailing looks pretty simple but I think it's good enough and I have no complain what so ever. The painting finishing is also very good, exactly what I expect from Takara Tomy.

As you can see from the photo above, side by side with the typical 3.75 inch Hasbro figure - it's not perfect, yes it isn't (in terms of scale) but I guess it's not bad either and I'm really happy with what I got from Takara Tomy on this one. I would say this is rather brilliant and I like it a lot.

Overall, this is a very good representation of BB-8 from Takara Tomy at it's particular price point (about 1,000 yen / USD 8.80). If you want a simple BB-8 figure without breaking your piggy bank, grab this one, highly recommended and certainly satisfying!!!



  1. It’s curious, some merchandise by Takara Tomy has been arriving since about 3 or 4 years ago to the local retail and department stores, but I have not seen anything of the Star Wars franchise (of which you can get items made by Mattel, LEGO or Hasbro)...

    Collectibles from Pokemon and others based on Disney Pixar movies, on the other hand, are relatively easy to find here in my hometown, but these items don’t sell very well as far as I know or at least that’s my perception visiting some of these stores...

    By the way, this BB-8 has some sort of magneto to simulate the free rotation of the head of this robot on its spherical body ???... =D

  2. This is popular piece and seems to be bought off the shelves on retails soonest.. who won’t love to have BB-8 and its size is very compatible to your other droids. Snow White seems to replace Princess Leia well in yr pic lolz.. I have the Luke X-Wing pilot figure by Tomica recently as X’Mas from a friend.

  3. This is the Best BB-8 as it comes with much diecast parts. It is same price if not cheaper than hasbro version as Hasbro do not even release 3.75" of BB-8 by itself too.


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