McDonald's Tomica Mazda MX-5 (Miata)

This is plastic car model of Mazda MX-5 Miata (also known simply as MX-5 or Roadster depending on the region. This item comes as free gift of McDonald's Happy Meals and they are indeed quite popular and help boosted the sales of Happy Meals during the respective promotion period.

The car model is produced by Takara Tomy - Tomica hence we could expect a decent casting since Tomica is quite an expert in this business though all the cars featured in this special promotion are not die-cast metal but instead made of plastics.

There are 4 models offered, Lotus Exige R-Gt, Toyota 86, Nissan GT-R and this Mazda Roadster. I didn't bother to get the others but only aiming for this particular model simply because of the red color - simple as that.

The packaging/box:

Out of the packaging/box - you will get the car and those stickers that will make the car looks real LOL LOL LOL:

OK, this is it now right of the box and after I applied all those magic stickers:

Since this is a roadster, you actually get this removable top feature - as it should be for a roadster:

The interior detailing is somewhat more or less the same with the actual 1/64 die cast car model produced by Tomica though it has to be noted here that the steering wheel do look very funny and I dislike it but then again, it's free stuff, so can't complain much.... right?

I don't really like the original finishing looks because it looks too plasticky and thus I sprayed some top-coat and remove those stickers and with the help of black and silver-ink marker pen I did a little touch up here and there and the end result looks and feel much better - for me personally at least:

Overall, this is quite a decent plastic car model from Tomica. Eventhough the targeted market is actually those young children but don't be surprised to see many adults collectors queing up on the line hoping to get at least one if not all of the models featured in this special promotion by Maccas (McDonald's). I heard many kids and adults were disappointed for their failure to get those cars and as usual a few days later you will see some scumbags selling this item online with some price tag that will make you lose interest instead. Sad but true... but then again, that's how it is nowadays...



  1. OMG! It even come in the Tomica box instead of the plastic bag! Plastic or die-cast, the packaging already impressed me! You should get the white car with Mac Donald logo! That’s so unique and true to both companies! Wishing you and yr family a blissful festive season! Cheers!

  2. That promotional car is really nice and reminds me the tiny models made by Furuta some years ago (of course the latter are better, but these ones don’t disappoint), yet, it’s very weird for me to see something by Tomica made in full plastic... I think the touch ups you made to this model really improved the general appearance and it’s the kind of "customization" I use to do in certain basic models, it really adds some needed realism !!!... The box is also a great addition and you can bet I would be very happy (meal) getting all these cars LOLOLOLOL, but I know this promotions are limited to particular regions or countries so it’s very unlikely to get them here and I wouldn’t be willing to pay an obscene price on internet... =/

  3. The tomica box is neat :D never thought they are plastic thought since Hot wheels McD gave you die-cast sometimes of course still need stickers

  4. The box look really good by itself but the car that is no diecast was kinda let down. however the details are there. In Singapore, people are more crazy about the HelloKitty tea set happy meal tho. LOL


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