McDonald's Happy Meal Toys - Happy Series (Monster)

This is the current local Happy Meals toys offering from McDonald's. I'm dont' really know much about the character but judging from the packaging I think the series name is "Happy" while the character is "Monster" - basically it's the Happy Meals box with additional accessories that can make him look like a "monster", something like that.

Out of the packaging you will get these:

This is what I mean - a Happy Meal box figurine:

So let's have a look at the figurine:

The design is simple but fun, with eyes and mouth, this item reminded me of that 2014 movie - The Boxtrolls.

Additional features includes articulation on both arms:

And of course this additional mask or what ever it is:

Just attached it ... like this:

And there you go... a "monster".... looks pretty funny rather than scary as a monster should be hahahahaha...

Overall, nothing spectacular about this toys but then again there are simple and yet likable plus you get free for every purchase of McDonald's Happy Meals. I like it because the red and yellow color - simple as that. As a toy, I think it's quite funny and I like it. Being a toy lover, I somehow can appreciate the simplicity of this toy and that is indeed a joy or the "child" inside me that love toys. I had many fantastic and expensive toys but there are times where such simple toys still impressed me and this what keep the passion going, the passion will never die. So if you want to be happy, grab yourself a Happy Meals and everything will be all right, happily ever after LOL LOL LOL....



  1. I totally agree with the charm of inexpensive toys, sometimes the price tag has nothing to do with the fun factor... A simple toy, well designed and very well made is a delight and I think that’s the case here... This boxy creature designed as the brand character of the Happy Meal, looks rather cute and hilarious, the mask has a nice sculpt job indeed; for a promotional toy, it has good taste (it taste like hamburger LOLOLOL !!!) and I like it too !!!... =D

  2. Think my son had a similar toy like yours just that his is the mad scientist version. Also come with head over gimmick. This series is very original to Mac Donald..

  3. ahaha cute one XD a masked happy meal box


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