Tomica - Suzuki Carry Mobile Catering Truck

Just like the Suzuki Every that we reviewed recently:

This Suzuki Carry is also from the same 10th Generation (between the year of 1999-2005) of the original 1963 Suzuki Carry and while the Suzuki Every was in the "mini-van" form, this gorgeous die-cast scale model of Suzuki Carry is now in the "mini-truck" form.

You can read more about this history of Suzuki Carry from Wikipedia but for now, let's have a look at this gorgeous Carry:

And in case if you want to view the real-life version (photo is taken from Wikipedia):

Note: I do not claim any rights on this picture. All rights and credits belong to the owner.

The main reason I love to get those Japanese trucks die-cast scale models from Takara Tomy / Tomica is simple because of their fun features and on this particular model, it has this openable rear cabin that can transform into some sort of.... well, I don't know what you call it LOL.... but just have a look at the pictures below:


and tadaaaaaa!!!!! you can now see this:

A lovely Japanese girl selling some yummy ice cream and cream pie....slurrppppp..... LOL LOL LOL....

Overall, this is a beautiful ice cream truck from Takara Tomy / Tomica. The casting and finishing and painting quality is good as always while the creativity on the additional features is just wonderful and I don't have any reason to hate this model, it's simply gorgeous and girls would love it, so do I.... LOL



  1. This is another sample of your weakness by those "manly" diecast in pastel colors, LOLOLOL !!!... Well I can’t deny the charm of this cute model with that cute gimmick... I myself have a pair of Ice Cream trucks (that I guess you already know) and I love them very much !!!... This is a perfect complement (and actually even nicer) for your Mail Service Every Van, I like it more than the red one and the color scheme helped in that sense !!!... =D

  2. This is so adorable! Pink is definitely your colour and the gimmick of flip-open store surprise me with more kawaii interior. Always like the box packaging of Tomy! Makes storage easier and a lot more collectible...

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