Hot Wheels - 2010 Ford Shelby GT500

This is a wonderful Ford Shelby GT500 from Hot Wheels - HW City series, but isn't this a Mustang? or is it a Shelby Mustang, something like that? I don't know much about American sports or muscle car, so pardon me on that. Anyway, never mind, let's move on. When I Google around, apparently this model is based on a real car, see below:

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Out of the packaging (didn't have the picture of the packaging anymore, was too excited to take out this car from the packaging and eventually I threw out the packaging immediately LOL):

The main attraction for me when first I saw it is those brilliant decals and marking, not often Hot Wheels did this, they usually and mostly love to use those "flame" or what ever "lines or stripes" which I personally don't fancy much about it. As an additional factor, it's a Shelby GT500, one of the most well known American automotive engineering heritage. Many people outside the "US of A" can only dream to own this car "someday" but that dream is nothing but just a plain vanilla dream LOL.... No doubt this is a great looking car!!!!

Again all those wonderful decals and markings, I love them all, I don't mind to buy another unit of this model if I can get them. Well done Hot Wheels, this is really fantastic!!!

Overall, I think this is a brilliant representation of the actual car model, no doubt about it. You can complain about anything else like the front light/head lamp and rear light/brake lamp are left bare without any color or decal to add their detailing but then again this is typical from Hot Wheels so we get used to it. Then again, if you wish, you can do those extra detailing works yourself like I did by just using those marker pen and this shaky hands of mine, the result is not great but I guess it's quite OK for me. Another usual thing that I dislike is the different wheel/tire size at the rear and front side, I would prefer them to be in the same size because when I look at the picture of actual car, the tire size on the front and rear seems to be the same.... or maybe they are in different size, probably by an inch two only or but surely not like what Hot Wheels did on this scale model. The way I look at it, it seems Hot Wheels want to make an impression that the rear wheel/tire size is either 18 or 19 inches while the front wheel/tire size is a mere 13, 14 or 15 inches - something like that. Then again, this is typical Hot Wheels, so we get used to it...



  1. Yeah, the tampos/decals in this model are fantastic, I would say that with a Hot Wheels, you either have a great or a hideous decoration and nothing in the middle...I was tempted to get one of them, but since I already have the same model, from a different series, I thought it was enough... Just like you, I’m already adding some extra detail in certain models, using the same methods and they do "come to life"... You don’t fail when you love an american car !!!... =D

  2. Ford Shelby I want one like the one in Need For Speed film XD


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