Hot Wheels - Morris Mini (again)

When I bought my first Hot Wheels mini car (or rather those at around 1/64 or 1/60 scale or there about) a few years ago way back in October 2011, it happened to be "Morris Mini" and eventually this marked the beginning of my Hot Wheels collection and although primarily I still focus on those Japanese brand like Tomica and Tomytec by Takara Tommy and Kyosho, from time to time I did grab some of those models from Hot Wheels here and there. I don't actually have any specific target but usually I tend to buy those British, European and Japanese models but I also grabbed some of those classic American muscle car because they are... oh well, classic and they look cool.

My first Hot Wheels (1/60 or 1/64 scale) - the Morris Mini:

Eventually that model is being customized into something like this:

You can read more about this customized model from here =

So fast forward 5 years later in 2015, I found this Morris Mini again and naturally I wont bother to buy another unit but then again something caught my eyes, this latest version comes with metal body while the first model that I bought comes with plastic body as you can see from the picture above.The chasis though remain the same - made of metal.

So I said to my self, well this is good excuse to buy this one again, it's just now it comes with better body:

The orange color is quite decent in fact and those sticker decals is quite nice to look at:

Evidently, apart from the color scheme (obviously), the only differences is those metal body while the rest remain unchanged including the interior detailing.

Not much to shout about the interior detailing, it is as it is, typical Hot Wheels standard, nothing superior but it's far from being horrible as well.

Overall, I think the metal body is a nice feature added onto this model and that alone is enough to be the reason why I must grab this model. The orange color scheme with all those stripes and decals are quite fun and I have no reason to dislike it and thus this should be a welcome addition into our Hot Wheels collections.

I don't have quite a lot of Mini family but I'm still glad and thankful to own these few that I had now:

Those 4 units are from Majorette, Hot Wheels, Takara Tomy (Tomica) and Matchbox.



  1. as you, i noticed the full metal construction of this gorgeous Mini, during my regular "recon missions" to department stores and wholesale distributors in my hometown... HW even added a variation in baby blue with the same decoration but different construction (both look cute !!!)... what i had not noticed, was the detachable body feature until now (i was "kinda" lackadaisical, i know, shame on me) !!!... i was tempted to get both, but since i already have one from an adult line, with metal/metal construction and Real Riders rubber tires, i decided to pass on them... =(

    actually you have a great mini collection of Minis, i think i will add more Minis made by other diecast makers, for my own sake !!!... =D

    1. In fact I planned to add more Mini into my collections but I'm quite selective as you know, I tend to only get those Mini that comes with British/Japanese style steering wheel (right hand steering wheel). I saw a few others but they come with American style (left hand steering wheel) and thus I don't fancy them....


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