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Figma Saber was first released in 2008 by Max Factory and since then there are plentiful of action and fix pose PVC figure variations of Saber and then along the way slowly but surely Max Factory released the other popular characters from the "Fate series" and moving on 6 years later we received this Figma Archer.

A little bit of background story of Archer from Wikipedia if you are interested to know more:

Archer is the Servant of Rin Tōsaka. He is sarcastic and cynical, considering Shirō's mentality of "wanting to save everyone" as naïve and impossible. Archer is actually Shirō Emiya from one of the possible future worlds. He is ultimately the winner of the fifth Holy Grail War in his world, and is a living incarnation of the "Hero of Justice". The Throne of Heroes, which preserves the souls of all Epic Spirits, exists outside of any conventional timeline, so Archer can be called from any point in history. He is linked to the jewel used to save Shirō's life, which allows him to be summoned.

Archer is a Faker, an individual skilled at creating imitations of objects through the use of tracing and projection of mental images to form tangible objects. Though Projection is normally ineffective at creating durable or powerful artifacts, Archer’s unique approach to this craft enables him to materialize enormously powerful and accurate copies of the images recorded in his mind. He is capable of instantly recording all information and properties of weapon, and he can read into the history of the weapon to use any skills associated with it, though the rank of the weapon is lowered by one. In addition, through the use of Alteration, he can modify a weapon to give it special properties, such as crafting Broken Phantasms, Noble Phantasms overloaded with magical energy that exponentially increases its attack power at the cost of destruction after use. All of his Projection abilities come from his Reality Marble, Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Creation of Swords (無限の剣製(アンリミテッドブレードワークス) Anrimidetto Bureido Wākusu?), which works similarly to Shirō's, but manifests itself instead as a desert littered with swords with monolithic black gears rotating in the sky above.

He is also skilled in the basis of both Alteration and Tracing: Reinforcement; the art of temporarily strengthening the construction of objects through the understanding of their nature and perfection of defects in their structure. This is done through enhancing the fundamental proprieties of the target, such as an armor’s resistance or the sharpness of a blade. Archer employs this method on himself to enhance his physical performance, particularly in his eyesight, granting him such precise vision that it approaches a limited form of clairvoyance. Archer is also in possession of a sleek black longbow, which is constructed from a synthetic compound that does not exist in the modern time period. It allows him to propel any weapon as an arrow, which would normally strain a weaker bow. Similarly, Archer's breastplate and boots are crafted from the same material, while the red cloak he wears is a holy burial cloth that shields Archer from spiritual interference in his surroundings.

Nonetheless, let's have a look of this Figma.... out of the box you will get the figure, the standard Figma display stand/ 6 optional hands, 2 blades, a bow and an interesting arrow that looks almost similar to Saber's sword - the Excalibur.... I thought so....

The figure;

I personally believe the design and sculpting finishing is very good, this is Archer in Figma form, not more not less, perhaps some people may have their complains which is normal but for me, this is quite good - I'm impressed!!!

And since this is Figma, great articulation and action pose comes with it without saying....

The additional articulation on the feet is a welcome addition, something new from Figma, at least for me - I like it...

The weapons:

So let's do a little bit more of action pose:

The standard Figma display stand is useful for mid-air pose;

Master and servant couple - Rin and Archer:

And a little bit more of action pose with those huge bow and interesting sword arrow, what ever it is...

Shirou and Archer - past and future...

Joined by the rest of the "family members"...

I do have a little bit of complains on this Archer though - first the ridiculously short connector for the hands and arms joint which makes them a feel a little fragile, you really need to be careful when attaching or detaching the hands. Secondly, the left hand that you use to hold the blade and later the bow... it's quite a pain in the ass to attached the left hand with the bow, due to the size factor. It would be better if they provide another piece of left hand with wider or bigger opening diameter so that we could easily attached the hand onto the bow. As for the extra face, I think it would be nice if Max Factory could supply 1 more additional expression, smirking, smiling or arrogant face maybe.... I don't know, but the 2 unit we got is decent but would be much better if we have something a little more different. other than that, I don't have much complain anyway probably because I'm all so happy to finally got Figma Archer.

Overall, this is still a brilliant action figure from Figma/Max Factory, yes we do have some issues with it but trust me, if you are a big fan of Fate series and collector of the action figures of the series, the joy to finally see your dream come true is overwhelming. Expectation can be high but you just need to manage it. The question now - is there any chances for us to see llyasviel von Einzbern, Lancer, Kirei Kotomine and finally Gilgamesh? At least that is my personal wish list....



  1. i can see you have a great collection of figures based on the Fate series and albeit i have not seen it yet (the anime), i can say by your reviews it seems very interesting and probably that’s the reason why it has a good amount of fans...

    as for the action figure of Archer, i thought at first sight in Vash The Stampede (an anime series more familiar for me) because they have a similar suit and their abilities are quite impressive in both cases... i have always admired the smooth sculpt in the human Figma figures and the overall finishes, but for some reason, their availability here is an issue compared with Revoltech figures for instance... =/

  2. Finally archer got a figma release ahahhaha :D I believe they first announced a prototype 3 years ago ^^, He looks pretty cool :D we might see more fate figma renewed or mere re-released after they start the new anime series

  3. Since the birth of Figma Saber (the first version) I always wanted to get Figma Archer and then Gilgamesh and then that short girl, Illyasviel Von Einzbern....


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