Tomica Fuku Fuku Box Set

This is a special box set of several mini cars painted with some traditional colors and patterns related to the Japanese people or culture in which I don't know what is it actually but one thing for sure it is called "Fuku Fuku Box Set" - or something like that (at least that is what AmiAmi called them).

I like to think of this as some sort of Lunar New Year or Spring Festival thingy but then again I could be absolutely wrong so then again, let's stick with "Fuku Fuku" - whatever that means LOL.

The box;

Inside the big box, there are 6 smaller individual boxes;

OK, let's start now, one by one, we start with this one;

The first one is a Suzuki Swift with the theme of "daruma" - basically in each of those 6 boxes you will get a car and a card which represents the them of the car painting scheme.

So let's have a look at this gorgeous Suzuki Swift;

A closer look at the "face" and the side of this Suzuki Swift;

There is not much to say about additional features, you will get the standard Tomica "suspension" gimmick on this car and also this openable rear hatch - and that's about it;

The next one is this Mitsubishi i-Miev with the theme of black lucky cat or something like that;

Black color scheme for such mini car is not bad at all;

A closer look at the face of the black lucky cat LOL;

Those bell and ears on the roof is gorgeous!!!

Apart from the usual "suspension" gimmick, the only other feature is this openable rear hatch and that's it;

Next, is this gorgeous is this white little puppy or is it a white little kitten? - I'm not sure actually but one thing for sure is that this is Daihatsu Move;

The front face of this Daihatsu Move is so gorgeous!!!

Again those cutey gorgeous face!!! I like it a lot!!!

The overall color scheme of this Daihatsu Move is the brightest of them all with plenty of white though feature wise, this Daihatsu Move don't have any apart from the standard Tomica "suspension" gimmick.

And now this Suzuki Every with the theme of Japanese Lion Dance, or so I thought LOL;

A close look on the face and overall color scheme and theme;

Apart from the usual "suspension" gimmick, this Suzuki Every also featured openable rear door;

And now this little fish - the Daihatsu Midget;

As a matter of fact, if we look from this angel and use a little bit of imagination, this Daihatsu Midget do look like a fish LOL;

Look at the head part - it's like a koi fish trying to swallow some foods LOL;

I don't know what ever that label means but they look nice;

This red little koi fish don't have the usual Tomica "suspension" gimmick and thus there is no other features to talk about apart from it's gorgeous looks.

Last but not least, the Subaru R1 with red pig as the main theme and color scheme;

I always wanted to get a die cast car model of Subaru R1 form Tomica, never thought that I would have it this way but then again this red pig is pretty gorgeous!!!

This red pig Subaru R1 doesn't have any other openable door features and the only feature or gimmick you will get is the usual Tomica "suspension" gimmick and nothing else;

Overall, this is a very fun and funny mini cars with gorgeous color scheme and traditional theme from Tomica. The normal model with normal or real color scheme may not be a best seller for Tomica and I probably won't bother to get them but with the current fun concept I suddenly wanted them so much and I personally think that these mini cars certainly looks more attractive now and the whole packaging as a box set is icing on the cake. This may not be attractive to some collectors but I'm sure many would love to get this item.

At 2,830 Yen (about SGD 35.00 / USD 27.00 / EUR 20.00) as a complete set from AmiAmi - this item is a great bargain and if you want to have something fun in your collections, then this can be a fun addition into your die cast car models or Tomica collections.



  1. They are very cute cars :D

  2. for some reason, this publications didn’t appear in my blog list... but, let me tell you that is a very curious and colorful set, the design of the packaging and the matching decors in the diecast are stupendous, even the wheels in color instead of the standard black are the kind of things which make me happy as a graphic designer... =)

    1. Yup, this is one insane special production and I guess you understand that I usually prefer something that is almost "realistic" but on this particular set I don't mind at all, they are as fun as they should be....


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