Tomica Limited - Toyota 86

This is a die cast car model of Toyota 86 from Tomica Limited of Takara Tomy Japan. Basically this is just a "better version" from the regular Tomica series with supposedly a little bit of extra detailing and a little bit higher in price.

The box;

Out of the box;

As always, the casting is the same from the usual Tomica series line up but on this Tomica Limited series line up we get side mirror and a little bit better wheels design (though its not that great actually) and the rubber tires. If you want to see the comparison, visit our review for the regular Tomica series below;

The car model comes with the usual "suspension" gimmick and the openable door gimmick on both sides;

Thus you can observe the interior, nothing great on the dashboard but the seat is painted nicely this time around instead of just plain in all black on the regular Tomica series.

Overall, apart from the improvement that we mentioned here and there above, there is not nothing extremely great we could mention further about this car. The casting quality and painting finishing is as good as you could expect from Takara Tomy. If you missed the regular Tomica series, then you could grab this one as long as you don't mind to pay a little bit more for a little bit of improvement, simple as that.

Side by side with the Tomica Dream Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 - the original classic 86.



  1. I have the regular version I think their main detail differences just the wheels the tomica limited have very good wheels :)


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