Star Wars Rebel Heroes Battle Packs

This is "Star Wars Rebel Heroes Battle Packs" produced by Hasbro and this so called "Battle Packs" includes Colonel Sanders, Barry Chew and Ronald McDonald's - LOL - of coz that is bonkers - actually it includes C-3P0, Chewbacca and Captain Han Solo.

I bought it at discounted clearance price at SGD 10.00 (about USD 7.90 / EUR 6.00 / 786 Yen) and for me personally, that price is a great bargain!!!

So let's have a look at the figures... but first the packaging;

Judging from the picture on the back side of the packaging, this "Battle Packs" is from the scene in Star Wars movie where Captain Han Solo and the other two are about to leave in hurry with their Millenium Falcon while at the same time they were ambushed by the those white Troopers.

Anyway, out of the box, you will get all these;

The dice and the character cards and the action/display base - they are as it should be, nothing special and nothing terrible either so I will just ignore them in this review and will go straight on to the figures starting with this communicator and translator robot - C-3P0 and if you are a fan of Gundam series, you might think for a while about the possibilities that this robot is probably the first inspiration  for Hyaku Shiki and later Akatsuki Gundam LOL;

C-3PO being C-3PO is as gold as he should be though this time he have quite a decent articulation which in fact is a bonus considering the fact that even in the movie, he is not really the type you would consider as "nicely articulated" robot. Eventually the figure on this version have good knee join and thus you can do this usual kneeling pose though the arms remain as less articulated as it should be.

Sculpt and painting finishing quality is quite good, the gold theme really come out pretty welll - anyway all that is expected as Hasbro have been making this figures for as long as I can remember since many many many many many years ago... so in a way they are the master of their own game...

Despite the improve articulation on the knee, not much action pose we really can or want to do with this C-3PO though, he is as stiff as he should be;

Moving on, the Chewbacca or rather "the big coward" according to Han Solo....

Chewbacca is as hairy as he should be and I tend to think of him as some sort of gorilla or big foot without tail LOL. Articulation wise, not much to talk about, basically he only have some simple articulation near the elbow and a little bit of movement on the shoulder and on the hip and that's about it.

The sculpt and painting quality however are as good as it should be from Hasbro;

Not much pose I can do either on this one, here's a couple of them and that's it;

Lastly, Captain Han Solo;

Articulation for all the figures in this "Battle Packs" is rather almost minimalist or average at best and the same goes to Han Solo though at least he can still do this pose while not much at all for the arms;

Again, the sculpt and painting finishing quality is very good;

And a little bit of action pose;

Overall, this is a very decent "Battle Packs" which includes 3 action figures of 3 popular characters from the popular Star Wars movie series franchise. Though the articulation is not great but the sculpt and painting finishing quality is still top notch and considering the fact that I got it with a very cheap price, this is indeed a great bargain for the money.



  1. rebel heroes battle pack hmm pretty neat but I would rather see battle pack with let's say 2 fraction inside rebel vs empire maybe 4 figures inside chewbaca and han VS a pair of stromtroopers maybe :V or mainly becoz I hate that c3po

  2. these packs seem to be very tempting for you, specially with the lower price tag... great work on these figures, i don’t remember if those packs were available here, but the individual figures are on stock... sometimes, there are discount seasons in the department stores of my hometown, but they are not as good as these, and very rarely i got good deals there... actually is a better option the retail distributors... =)

  3. Good price for a set of 3 especially to prominent characters such as these. It's like bring back the memories in made made figures.


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