Hot Wheels - Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 Shewbury Custom Ver. 2.0

This is a customized version of a Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 die cast car model produced by Hot Wheels. The original color is white (white and black two tone - panda) but now it is as yellow as I want it to be because this is the "Shewsbury Custom Version 2.0" - body and paint works were done by my good friend Tagashie and as usual, I will put a little bit of input and that is on the interior and the wheels/tires.

The final result is pleasing, I like it a lot, not the most perfect or the best but surely decent enough!!!

As you can see from the 2 pictures above, those wheels are actually from Volkswagen Karmann Ghia produced by Maisto.... sacrifice is needed for this project.

And this is now the interior, I changed the driver seat from some other Maisto cars as well as the steering wheel;

Overall, though this may not perfect or even the best but I somehow happy with the overall result and this marked my retirement from customization and from this month onwards, I will no longer do any customization work what so ever. I lost interest with it, probably my passion is not enough to cover the amount of time and energy and effort needed for such thing but I will somehow continue to collect die cast car models for as long as I can. I really appreciate the works done by my friend Tagashie on this one (and in fact on some of my other special customized die cast cars).

The Double Aces of Shewsbury Racing Team LOL;



  1. HEHEHE... it was kinda short your raid in the customization realm... but mine will be even shorter, i think so LOLOLOLOL... i like this yellow Trueno more than the red one and the wheels work a lot better... i guess that they are no longer rolling, but you don’t mind about that... by the way, the work of your friend is very detailed and careful, salute... oh, and i’m missing your comments in my last publications !!!... =)

  2. I'm so accustomed to seeing Trueno in that Panda color so these red and yellow kind of refreshing. Nice mod there bro!


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