Tomica - Toyota Himedic (Toyota HiAce H200)

This is a 1/64 scale die-cast car model of  Toyota Himedic by Tomica of Takara Tomy. This is basically a Toyota HiAce Van H200 series converted into an ambulance.

The Toyota HiAce is a motor vehicle produced by Toyota was first launched in 1967. The HiAce has since been available in a wide range of configurations, including minivan (MPV) and minibus, van, pick-up, taxi, and ambulance. In Japan the HiAce is exclusive to Toyopet Store locations.

The fifth-generation Hiace appeared in 2005 as a wide long-wheelbase wagon, wide super-long-wheelbase high-roof "Grand Cabin", long-wheelbase van, long-wheelbase high-roof van and a wide super-long-wheelbase high-roof van. In this generation the gear stick has been moved to the dashboard to enable easier movement in the cabin. Five-speed manual and four-speed automatic transmissions are available.

All of the models use a four-cylinder DOHC engine, in a variety of forms, a 1TR-FE 2,000 cc or 2TR-FE 2,700 cc petrol engine, or a 2KD-FTV 2,500 cc or 1KD-FTV 3,000 cc D-4D turbo diesel engine.

Two of these engines are available in Malaysia, the 2.5 L turbo diesel, offered in a choice of panel van or window van; and the 2.7 L petrol, that comes only in the window van option.

The fifth-generation Hiace was launched in the Philippines on June 13, 2005, with D-4D variants, 2.5 diesel and GL Grandia, both with manual transmission. In 2006, the new top-of-the-line Hiace Super Grandia was launched, being the first ever Hiace in the Philippines with a standard automatic transmission.

The 2.5 and 3.0-litre turbodiesel engines have a maximum output of 75 kW at 3,600 rpm and 80 kW at 3,000 rpm respectively and maximum torque of 260 Nm at 1,600–2,400 rpm and 286 Nm at 1,200–1,600 rpm respectively. The 2.7 L petrol engine has a maximum output of 111 kW at 4,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 241 Nm at 3,800 rpm.

On Japan's list of the most commonly stolen vehicles the Hiace currently resides in first place. Because of a lack of a theft immobilizer, it is fairly easy to steal a Hiace, as opposed to much more valuable SUVs and sports cars, which have more sophisticated theft deterrent systems.

Hiaces are also popular forms of transportation used by members of the entertainment business in Hong Kong.

As a scale model, the paint job finishing is quite decent but in terms of detailing, it is not great, I guess it's almost minimalist but somehow better than average.

This model comes with openable rear door;

And thus you can see the interior from the back side;

Nothing great to see in there just typical minimalist approach but I think at this scale this should be reasonable.

Overall, this is a decent scale model of the Toyota HiAce H200 in ambulance configuration by Tomica of Takara Tomy. I personally feel that despite the simple minimalist approach, the finished product is somehow still look almost the same with the actual vehicle. I have no complain what so ever in this one though I have 1 wishlist which is it would be good if the interior is painted with black instead of the current white.

This is how the actual vehicle look like in real life;



  1. yeah, this is the best of the bunch, even the wheels design is less boring !!! the emergency lights work great to improve realism and add charm, also the openable rear door... as far as i know this model is not available in our country, most of this type of vehicles are mainly Ford, Chevrolet, Kia, Hyunday and a pair of chinese brands that i don’t remember right now... perhaps is not so profitable in this market... =)


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