Tomytec Tomica Limited Vintage - Nissan Caball Snake Motors Company

This is a 1/64 scale model of Nissan Caball with Snake Motors co-branding on it produced by Tomytec (the family of Takara Tomy Tomica) of Japan.

Nissan Caball is a light commercial truck manufactured by Nissan Motors from December 1957 until December 1981. The Caball was mainly sold in Japan, Hong Kong, South East Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, and few European countries. While the Caball name came to an end in 1981, its replacement received the Nissan Atlas name in the domestic Japanese market (Cabstar in the export). These are 2-4 ton trucks, the lighter versions in the Atlas truck range took over after the lesser Cabstar/Homer.

I don't know much about this Snake Motors but apparently this company or brand is quite popular in Japan. You can check out their website as below;

And in addition, you can also view many of their videos from Youtube, this is one of them and you can find the rest from there;

The box/packaging of this item is pretty unique as well;

Size comparison of the box with the typical 3.75 inch figure from Hasbro;

OK, let's open up the box;

This thing in the plastic bag is actually the bottles inside a yellow box (I guess the cider bottles) and the red thing is some sort of thing you can use to lift up many, I don't know what they call that but it's common to find that in warehouses where they have plenty of stocks of what ever items in the box;

You will also find this piece of picture card;

And according to the picture on the box here, it says you can later use the above picture car as some sort of diorama or display items together with the Nissan Caball;

Something like this;

OK, now let's have a look at the truck or lorry - the Nissan Caball;

Though the front interior is sealed but from what I can see the interior detailing is obviously way much better and a little more "Accurate" if compared to the usual entry level "Tomica series" and the mid-range level "Tomica Limited". The Tomytec Tomical Limited Vintage is certainly the pinnacle and the best of them all from Takara Tomy (as far as 1/64 scale model concern);

The overall casting quality and the exterior detailing as well as painting finishing are absolutely top notch.

Now the 2 figures - eventually this is the main reason why I bought this set. These 2 figures are at accurate 1/64 scale (at least if according to Tomytec);

We can try to pose them with other 1/64 scale car models;

From several pictures above, you may have different opinions but for me, I think they looks quite OK at 1/64 scale;

Now it's time to look at those bottles again;

With some clues from the picture on the box/packaging... I then knew what to do with all  of them bottles;

We need the help of our useful white glue to proceed with this fun job;

And after a while, I managed to "sticked" them into the backside of the Nissan Caball and thanks to the white glue, they wont fall down even if I turn the truck upside down;

And since I have that "Used Car Shop Diorama Set" which also produced by Tomytech, I guess it's a clear conclusion what will happen next;

Well, obviously I have lots of fun with this....

Overall, this is a brilliant representation of Nissan Caball at 1/64 scale. The finished product is absolutely beautiful while the extra items inside the packaging is a great bonus. I don't really fancy green color but I guess I'm OK with this one.



  1. OHHHHHH you lucky farmer !!! this truck is GORGEOUS !!! (i wonder when i could grab one of them ??? *sigh* ;((((()... the truck itself is kinda cute and fairly detailed (the same level of the medium and/or high-end Johnny Lightning diecasts)... the extras are great too (actually i wouldn’t buy a diecast for the extras, even if these are nice, but for the diecast itself), i had not seen 1:64 scale figures so far, they are cute too and useful for display, also the packaging is pretty classy... i need one of them !!!... TTTTT.TTTTT

  2. Nice one and one of the figure reminds me with psy it looks like want to do gangnam style dance lol

  3. You sure have a lot of fun with this set mate. Great packaging, very typical but yet thoughtful from Japanese. The figures really are awesome accessories and there are a lot of details to the vehicle. Very nice pics taken of the diorama. It tells a lot and good showcase of your collection too!


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