Tomytec TLV-73A - Toyota Celica 1600 GT-R

This is a die-cast scale model of Toyota Celica 1600 GT-R at 1/64 scale produced by Tomytec.

The Toyota Celica name has been applied to a series of coupes made by the Japanese automobile company Toyota. The name is ultimately derived from the Latin word "coelica" meaning "heavenly" or "celestial". In Japan, the Celica was exclusive to Toyota Japanese dealerships Toyota Corolla Store.

Throughout its life span the Celica has been powered by various four-cylinder engines. The most significant change occurred in August 1985, when the car's drive layout was changed from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive.

The four-wheel drive turbocharged model (designated All-trac in the United States or GT-Four elsewhere) was produced from 1986 to 1999. Variable Valve Timing came in late 1997 Japanese models, and became standard in all models from 2000 on.

Through seven generations, the model has gone through many revisions and design forks, including the Toyota Celica Supra (later known as the Toyota Supra). The Celica was available as notchback and liftback coupes, as well as a convertible.

This particular model here is from the 3rd generation (A60 series) produced from 1981 to 1985. This Japanese Celica 1600 GT got new 4A-GE engine, and the 1600 GT-R also powered by the same motor was introduced.

Let's have a close look at this die-cast scale model now;

We will get the usual high quality casting, painting finishing and detailing from Tomytec.

Not only we get great exterior detailing, even the interior and seat design is produced accurately as well.

This Celica may not be the most popular or the greatest during it's era but somehow it is quite popular back then inside the Japanese domestic market as well as in other parts of Asia. I think Toyota have created too many "fragmentation" for their car models back then and thus in the span of 10 years you can spot several different variation of Celica on the road - at least in Japan, back then in the1980's.

Overall, I'm quite satisfy with this scale model. I think Tomytec have done a great job on it apart from the usual missing side view mirror though this is quite normal for this 1/64 scale segment.



  1. This model (the real 1) is pretty rare now. Hardly can be seen on the road.

  2. now, the Celica !!!... it seems to be the "japanese muscle car", filled with options and variations... this particular design is something i had not seen so far, the wedge shaped front along with the notchback... i like the pad printing job on the windows and the side panels, it looks more sporty... the body design follows the common trend in the 80s (even the Mustang of that time has a similar shape)... i prefer the liftback, but the scale replica of this model is brilliant as the others you already published, the white color scheme is nice but usually is a torture for the photo shoot (specially for the lighting challenges)... =OOOOO


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