Teamster Z - Street Series - Fire Engine Truck

These are die-cast scale models of 2 fire engine trucks in 1 packet produced by HTI under their toy series name called Temaster Z - whatever that means.

The regular retail price of all scale models at around 1/64 scale from this brand name is SGD 3.50 (about USD 2.80 / EUR 2.10 / 276 Yen) but on this 2 in 1 pack, the price is a straight forward SGD 7.00 which is exactly the price you pay if you bought 2 separate items but then again they purposely coupled this 2 fire trucks and I have no complain with it because I want both of them anyway.

So let's have a look at the first fire engine truck - unlike Hot Wheels, Matchbox or Tomica, there is no actual vehicle name printed on the bottom of the chasis on both of this trucks and thus I don't know what are their actual model in real life (if any) - thus I just refer them as Fire Engine Truck A and B or 1 and 2;

One thing I noticed so far is that though the casting is not all wonderful and glorious like what you could expect from Matchbox for example but I think the result are still fairly good.

On the other hand, just like those trucks from Tomica, this one have a simple gimmick as well - that thing on the top, I think something they use to spray water a great velocity can turn around freely;

It's nothing really something overly exciting but it's a good novelty and I like it.

Now let's have a look at the other fire engine truck;

Again, the casting is good - nothing fancy, the detailing decent and the painting job finishing is not bad either.

And just like the other fire engine truck, this one have a fun gimmick as well and I think you can guess what is it easily;

Yes, it is none other then that expandable ladder;

You can also rotate and turn it to the other way round changing direction as it should be in the "real life" situation;

Side by side with each other;

And now we add the Pierce Dash Fire Engine Truck from Matchbox in the middle - with the 3 of them combine, you feel like this should be enough as a set for any particular Fire and Rescue Department to have at their hangar waiting for that stress call;

Overall, I think the end result of the products from "Teamster Z" produced by HTI is quite good though they still need to improve a little bit more to catch up with the big company like Matchbox and Takara Tomy and even the giant Hot Wheels. The product from this brand have been around locally since 2 and a half years ago I guess - well, at least that is when I first noticed about them. They produce scale models of other sedan and sports car model as well but this is really the first time I bought and try their product and my first impression is - not bad, I like it!!!



  1. actually i found them quite fancy, maybe these have a minimalistic paint job compared with models from other brands, but is neat and nice !!!... the body design seems generic but it has a resemblance with the european trucks by Mann... these are fire trucks and that’s more than enough for me because i love them and the wheels design is unique, also the gimmicks are great but i’m afraid this brand is not available here (i guess it must be one of those emergent brands from China)... 1:64 is an unusual scale for this kind of stuff, actually is more common the 1:87 or 1:100 scale so, these trucks must be bigger (i could notice it looking at the pictures where they appear along with the Matchbox fire truck...) =)

  2. HTI is a British toy maker and importer who source these great little fire engines from China. Im not sure whether these castings are unique to HTI, they could well be sold in other countries under different brands. They are very cheap here in the UK massively undercutting Matchbox and Hot Wheels so in that respect they offer great value for money. The trucks themselves are generic but obviously heavily based on a MAN.

    1. Interesting but true... thank you very much for that info, I never know much about HTI apart from what you just explained. Cheers...


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