1/43 Kyosho J-Collection - Nissan Latio (Almera / Versa / Tiida)

This is a 1/43 scale die-cast car model of Nissan Latio as it is known in Japan while the same car are also known as Nissan Versa in the USA and in some market they call it Nissan Tiida while in Malaysia, The Philippines, Brunei Darussalam this car is known as Nissan Almera.

Now eventually, I bought the real car - Nissan Almera - it should be available for me to use soon within this week, now I'm just waiting for the paperwork and registration process and that is the reason why I bought this 1/43 scale model. I will upload some pictures of the real car later but for now let's have a look at this scale model.

The box/packaging;

This car comes with this beautiful clear acrylic display case  so you can protect it from dust and damages;

For now, let's take it out from that display case;

This scale model is made by Kyosho and from what I know, the products from Kyosho have such a great quality and thus they command a premium price tag as well. I think they can almost match the quality by another high end 1/43 die-cast scale model car producer, the Ebbro.

Though the overall exterior detailing is excellent, I do have some complains about this item. First, they are quite fragile in your hand so when you hold them, you really need to be careful or else you may break something. Eventually, even before I did the review, I broke the radio antenna (or aerial) - that black thing on the top of the car - front side - end up have to glue it back again.... sigh

Other than that my other complains is on that Nissan logo or badge at the front and rear of the car. Instead of using water slide or dry transfer decals and then coated it when they did the painting works, Kyosho decided to use a "cello tape" king of sticker instead and it doesn't really stick that well. A few touch the sticker can move out of position....

Now it's time for us to see the interior detailing;

From my observation, making comparison to the pictures I saw in the real car's brochure, I could say that the interior design and detailing are accurate and the overall finishing is excellent. I love the interior part so much....

Oh well, since I'm getting the real car soon, we can always make the picture comparisons later...

Overall, this is an accurate representation of Nissan Latio (Almera/Tiida/Versa) at 1/43 scale. The casting is spot on, the detailing is very good and the painting finishing is flawless while the interior is fascinating. If you are one of the real car owner of this model, I'm pretty sure you can like this scale model. As you can see from the picture below, the radio antenna (or aerial) now become short and I don't bother to glue them back again, I think I can live with this shorter version - let's just hope I don't break the same thing on the real car LOL...

For 2,980 Yen (about USD 30.00 / EUR 23.00 / SGD 38.00) I think this is quite decent.



  1. Nice review . where is it possible for me to get it ?
    Any supplier ? Online Seller u know ?

    1. Hi VorT3X, I get it from here = http://www.amiami.jp/shop/?set=english


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