Transformers Shocker Soundwave Shewsbury Custom

This is not something new but rather I was playing around with my Soundwave recently, this particular Soundwave to be precise;

And that is when I started to think that the smaller MP3 Player Soundwave that I have have 1 extra weapon while the big guy only have 1 shoulder mounted cannon.

Thus I'm thinking of a way for this FOC Soundwave to have more cool weapons....

And that is when I suddenly remember this guy, Shockwave;

And out the purple, I suddenly got this fun idea of "combining" them or something like that....

At the end, I came up with this conclusion, get those Shockwave weapons and parts to Soundwave...

Yes, we just need this few parts;

And this is the result... a more intimidating bad ass looking Soundwave with bigger blaster or cannon on his right arm and some sort of sword on his left arm;

And this cool looking hose at his back;

Now how about that... this is really a more fun Soundwave;

His shoulder mounted cannon or blaster is now attached on to the big one and it can do that multi-angle thingy;

A little bit more of action pose;

I like this Soundwave better as now he have a more powerful weapon and surely he looks more bad ass now thanks to that weapons from Shockwave - thus the name now is Shocker Soundwave LOL....



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