Rilakkuma Water Bottle

During our usually 2 hours Japanese class, I do need to drink water from time to time as my brain working hard around that time, thus I need a gorgeous water bottle and recently I found one with reasonably cheap price, this Rilakkuma water bottle.

There are several colors available (including pink) but in this case, I prefer the blue color instead;

One of the reason I like this one is because there is some Japanese Hiragana and Katakana characters on it;

This all the features about this bottle; 350ml, green (recyclable), tough, heat resistant bla bla bla....

Made in China of course;

A little bit of extra pictures with our toys;

Overall, this is a decent water bottle with "Rilakkuma" brand on it and more importantly it can be very useful to me, light weight, easy to carry and it looks gorgeous!!!



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