Hot Wheels - 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda

Since the local Toys R' Us have this "Buy 2 and get 1 for free" promotion for Fast Lane and Hot Wheels die-cast cars, I decided to joined the fun and grabbed some Hot Wheels cars and these what I bought;

The standard local retail price for Hot Wheels in here is SGD 3.50 (about USD 2.70 / EUR 2.10 / 267 Yen). 

So, let's start with this exciting 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda.

I'm not an American and I don't know much about classic American cars but when I saw some of them in TV or internet, I do like some of them. 

According to Wikipedia - The Plymouth Barracuda is a two-door car that was manufactured by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation from 1964–1974. The first-generation Barracuda, a fastback A-body coupe based on the Plymouth Valiant, had a distinctive wraparound back glass and was available from 1964–1966. The second-generation 1967–1969 Barracuda, though still Valiant-based, was heavily redesigned. Second-generation A-body cars were available in fastback, notchback, and convertible versions.

The 1970–1974 E-body Barracuda, no longer Valiant-based, was available as a coupe and a convertible, both of which were very different from the previous models. The final model year for the Barracuda was 1974. The redesign for the 1970 Barracuda removed all its previous commonality with the Valiant. The original fastback design was deleted from the line and the Barracuda now consisted of coupe and convertible models. The all-new model, styled by John E. Herlitz, was built on a shorter, wider version of Chrysler's existing B platform, called the E-body. Sharing this platform was the newly launched Dodge Challenger; however, no sheet metal interchanged between the two cars and the Challenger, at 110 inches (2,800 mm), had a wheelbase that was 2 inches (51 mm) longer than the Barracuda.

Now, the main reason why I choose this one is plain and simple - those beautiful decals. I think for this particular model, Hot Wheels did a great job to make this car looks like a professional racing car. Pretty neat and subtle, absolutely brilliant!!!! The white colored wheels compliments those beautiful decals.

A little bit of close up for all those corporate sponsors logo and decals on the exterior of this car;

The wheels may not be overly exciting but I think this is already quite good for me and the white color seems to fit into the whole color theme.

The interior is pretty standard and it's the usual thingy that you could expect and get from Hot Wheels. Nothing fancy, just simple as it is.

Overall, I like how Hot Wheels represent this die-cast car model. The decals and color scheme is absolutely beautiful and I fall in love with it the moment I saw it and it's a sure grab for me. If Hot Wheels continues to produce more car with such decals style - I will buy them for sure!!!



  1. i thought that you were a "plain colors guy" but is good to know that you like a nice decor too !!!... yep, the color scheme and sponsor logos work really good in a Muscle Car like the Barracuda, also there is a good level of detail in the casting itself... this is a good bet for the 2013 line of models !!! =)


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