Cutie Pencil Case

I started study Japanese Language, the basic level, since January this year and so far so good as I am now able to read Hiragana and some of the Katakana accordingly. I need to put more effort on the Katakana part before we move on to the Kanji part which is more difficult.

Anyway, recently I bought a new pencil case so that I can properly put all my pencils and pens and all stuff properly in a more organized manner and this is the one I choose;

With the double compartment using zip style, pretty nice;

These all the stuff that I'm gonna put in there;

And they all seems to fit perfectly well;

A little bit of extra pictures;

Overall, as the text says: "I choose the pink one cause I love pink" and that is the obvious reason why I choose this one plus it has this "shimapan" kind of looks on it and I like the black ribbon as additional cosmetics.



  1. HEHE... those japanese classes are in person sessions ???... i can imagine the comments about your pencil bag among your classroom mates... but i already know that you don’t give a damn LOLOLOLOLOLOL... it’s nice indeed, maybe a bit girlie but who cares ??? if that’s what you like, is pretty fine... =)


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