Transformers DOTM CyberVerse - Sentinel Prime

This is Transformers Dark Of The Moon CyberVerse Sentinel Prime produced by Hasbro though eventually this is specially for the Japanese market and thus there is a label of Takara Tomy on the packaging as well. Since recently they are available at a discounted/clearance price for a mere SGD 10.00 ( about USD 8.10 / EUR 6.30 / 832 Yen) I guess its a great bargain to grabbed them now. Sometimes being a late adopter can be rewarding. The original retail price is actually SGD 15.60 (about USD 12.50 / EUR 9.70 / 1,280 Yen).

So let's have a look at this Transformers action figures, first the packaging;

I like this kind of packaging as you have the option to pack everything and put them back into the packaging again if you wish to do so. I always wished that Hasbro can do the same for those 3.75 inches action figures from Star Wars, Marvel and/or what ever series or movies that Hasbro produced rather than those typical single card syle (example as below);

With the above packaging style, it's quite difficult to pack the figures back to their original packaging. Some collectors don't give a damn about the packaging photos, they just tear it apart, take out the figure and throw away that packaging, most important is the figure are in tip top condition. Some collectors do try to preserved anything they can and thus they "unpacked" the figure from the packaging carefully however way they knew or could but it's pretty difficult to keep it perfect. I believe those Marvel and G.I. Joe and probably many other action figure series produced by Hasbro are packed using this way.

Now when we look back at this "Transformers CyberVerse" packaging style, surely one can be careful in "unpacking" the action figure, do their review or play around with it and once they done or tire with it, they can pack them all back nicely and maybe put it somewhere in their treasure chest or even put it for sale in the second hand market. Everybody happy.

Anyway, not much we can say on that, we can complain all we like but at the end it's Hasbro who have the power to decide and I think they probably have their own reason to do it that way.

So back to this Sentinel Prime, out of the packaging, apart from the action figure, you will get all these, basically all of them are in Japanese language. Basically the transformation manual, some relevant products brochures or advertisement and a character card. I'm not sure if you get the same (probably in English language) if you buy the typical Hasbro version (for US and/or international market excluding Japan).

Although the Sentinel Prime comes in robot mode but for this review, I like to do the vehicle mode first and focus on the robot mode later. So for now, let's have a look at the vehicle mode - its a fire brigade engine truck or what ever you call it. In the packaging it says "Rosenbauer Phanter 6x6 Fire Truck".

I don't know much about Transfomers toys series, I do have a few of them, not much, I'm a fan though not really a hardcore fan, basically I'm just a toy collectors who love fun toys thus I personally think that this "CyberVerse" series is the most logical "entry level" series for collectors. Although, some collectors have their own definition of what "entry level" means depending on the thickness of their wallet, but judging from our local market here, I guess this should be decent enough for "entry level" on a small budget. I knew there is another series  with a more simple transformation process and simple detailing and a little more cheaper than this price range but I think they are more suitable to young kids/teenagers alike. This one seems to be more appealing to adult characters though that is not necessary the case either because I did mentioned earlier, different collectors/fans/person(s) have different opinion based on what they can afford.

The vehicle mode is nicely detailed (considering the price range), painting finishing quality is also good. Features wise not much we will get but at least that thing on the top can move freely 360 degree so I guess that's all we get and I'm fine with that.

Now the robot mode....

A little bit of close up look on the sculpt and detailing quality of this Sentinel Prime;

I think the robot mode looks good. The detailing is nicely done (again bear in mind the price range) and you get a very nice representation of Sentinel Prime at this price range. It doesn't cost a bomb so we can't expect much either.

Articulation is good but not spectacular. I still can try do the usual kneeling pose though it's far from perfect, but he can do it pretty well.

Other pose are also possible as long as you can balanced the Sentinel Prime accordingly.

These are the sword or the blade and the shield, the looks good, I like them;

Now we can put attached the sword/blade and the shield on his hands and start playing with it;

Overall, this is a very nice representation of Sentinel Prime from Transfomers DOTM movie at a decent price range and surely many adult collectors (as well as the young ones) can like this figure very well especially if you can get them at sweet discounted price. At times it can be pretty tricky to pose him correctly so you need to be patient in doing some adjustment and balancing the weight on his legs/foots part. It doesn't cost an armed and leg to get them so we should control our expectation and if you can do that, you will be pretty happy with what you pay on this figure - at least I am happy with it. Finally, long after the movie appeared in cinemas, I now have my Sentinel Prime.



  1. this figure looks for me like a Micro Class, but depending on the series, the level of detail can go from regular to very good for the scale... it must be by Takara Tomy, because the Hasbro version don’t have the specs card or the intructions flyer in japanese (but in english)... in this case the level of detail and paint job is very good, not to mention that i love the fire trucks as well !!!...

    i have a few Micro Class by Hasbro in my collection already published, a Target Exclusive Set, the level of detail is equivalent to this one and i think they look great even for an adult collector like me... as you, i’m really happy with them !!!... =)


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