Hot Wheels - Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86) Shewsbury Custom

It seems that I have a few unit of this particular car model and still can't get enough of it.

This is a die case car model of the popular Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86) at about 1/60th scale produced by Hot Wheels though eventually this one have been custom painted by my friend, Tagashie his name. I used to do quite a number of this die cast mini cars customization project in the past but I guess I'm retired now thus I no longer want my hands to get dirty doing all the works and thus this time around I just ask my friend who are more talented and more skillful if compared to me.

This paint job work may not be his best work as he do it in such a very short time - on my request - but somehow the result is still quite decent and I'm happy with it.

Let's have a look at this car;

He use some decals for the rear/brake lights as well as the car label name - this is something that I can't do which is why I asked him to do it for me - I love the result, very nice!!!

As for the wheels, it's still the original wheels provided by Hot Wheels, a little bit of input from me, I just painted them all in black using marker pen - simple job.

He also did a bit of extra detailing work on the interior;

There as you can see, the most obvious one is the seat belt - simply awesome!!!

Originally the interior is all in black and this is the result now after some decent touch up by Tagashie;

The Red Trueno with all his Toyota siblings in Shewsbury Land - I didn't include the Initial D version though;

Side by side with the Tomica Limited FT86;

Side by side with the same AE86 produced by Aoshima at 1/64 scale;

Side by side with the Tomica Limited Toyota Supra;

Side by side with the Tomica Limited Vintage Toyota Crown at 1/64 scale;

Judging from the above size comparison, I tend to believe that this Hot Wheels Toyota Sprinter Trueno is in 1/60 scale - well, more or less...

In addition, another extra input by me, I give this car a decent display case with clear cover and nice corporate sponsors logo - they are not real but just use your imagination to make it real LOL....

I guess it would be nice to put the car model name on the display base, so I do something using computer and printer, cut it and glue it there and this is the result;

On the other side, I printed a Japanese word "ama kakeryu - ryu no hirameki" - if you are a fan of Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X anime series, then I guess you might familiar with that word - it's one of those superior sword techniques from Hitten Mitsurugi sword style - very deadly....

Overall, though it's not perfect and not the best work from my friend, Tagashie, but given the short timeline that I gave him to finished the custom painting works, I think this is still a very good result and I like it lot. Maybe in the future I may use the same color scheme on my Toyota Carina Coupe (see the picture below).



  1. i wonder why you were so eager for this customization ???... the car does look better in red than the original black/white, the rear lights look a bit weird but the work on the interiors is incredible !!! the acrylic case improves a lot the presentation... on the other hand, again, your Carina is really great !!! i wish i can get something like this for me... =D


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