Glit & Brillia Bento Box and Bag

Being a farmer, working in a farm in a galaxy far, far away from any food outlets like McDonalds or what ever fancy or simple restaurant or dinners, I have to bring my own foods for lunch or otherwise I'll be starving...

Recently, I picked up this gorgeous Bento Box and Bag from one of those Japanese online shop, the price is a mere USD 7.00 for these 2 gorgeous items. They were made by Glit & Brillia of Japan.

So let's have a look at this Pink 2-Tier Bento Box;

The top compartment holds approximately 320ml of goodies, while the bottom holds 180ml, for a total of 1/2 a liter of storage in a very compact unit. Unlike many two-tier models, this one allows each compartment to be used separately, since the lid seal on the top and bottom are secure. Completely microwave and dishwasher safe, with the lids removed of course.

That's how "big" the compartment is... basically the typical 3.75 inches Hasbro figure can fit in perfectly well, maybe you can out up to 3 or 4 of them in any particular compartment depending on the design of the figure.

One thing you must remember about this thing is that if you hold the top compartment only, you may "missed" or "dropped" the bottom compartment;

So I guess this is the way to hold it accordingly;

Another way to solve this problem is by using some ribbons, tied them up like this;

And now let's have a look at this Red Bento Beg. It's always fashionable to carry about your bento in its own, cute little bag. This one is from Glit & Brillia, a fine maker of bento accessories. Weather proof and strong, so you can put even the heaviest of bento boxes with out worry that it will break or tear. 

Dimensions: 19.5x15.5x10 (7.6x5.9x4 inches).

Although both items is produced by Glit & Brillia but the bag is made in their China factory while the bento box is made in their Japan factory.... amazing....

That's how the inside looks like;

And this is how it looks like when you put in the bento box inside the bag;

Overall this is quite a gorgeous bento box and the bag is a nice partner complimenting each other, if you like pink and red then I guess you would love this combination. On the other hand, the size is kind of a little too small for my liking as I tend to eat a lot during lunch, obviously I need a bigger one, this one may only enough for breakfast....



  1. OK, now i know you’re a box full of surprises, LOL !!!... i haven’t seen a farmer with such a good taste to buy a "lunchbox", pretty chic !!!... however, i think is quite tiny for my gargantuan appetite, it wouldn’t fill a single tooth of mine... but i guess it would work pretty fine with those high end meals that drain your wallet while you remain starving XDDDDD... =)


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