Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons Sea Attack - Ravage

This is Ravage, one of the loyal minions of Soundwave from "Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons Sea Attack" toy series produced by Hasbro. As I mentioned in my previous post below, I bought this item together with the Shockwave from the second hand market for a very good price.

So now let's have a look at this Ravage;

The overall design and finishing work for this Ravage is quite decent especially in this cat/tiger/panther (or what ever) mode.There is "light piping" on the head which is good though on that particular head/face part, somewhere on the right side, there is visible screw which you can see from the picture below so "in a way" you can think of it as some sort of "eye" but the only drawback is there is none on the left side... sigh

In fact the "actual eye" is the one on the middle with red color;

This 2 canon at the back is kind of cool though I don't really fancy it too much, it's OK but not my favorite.

Visible Decepticons logo;

Articulation wise, in the form of animal - cat/tiger/panther or what ever - is very good and in fact even the tail part have good articulation as well;

The alternate transformation mode is quite ugly and doesn't really means anything (at least for me) and thus I never bother to transform this Ravage into it's alternate mode or the so called "earth entry mode". I think this animal form is as good as it gets, it looks cool and I like it a lot this way.

This is not really the Soundwave from the movie but then again apart from the Music Label Soundwave, this is the only other Soundwave that I've got so for fun sake, I pose them side by side and I think they both still looks great together;

Overall, this is a brilliantly designed Ravage by Hasbro. I like the "brighter" color scheme while the finishing job is equally decent and even though I don't like the other mode completely but it's there if you somehow like to play around with the transformation process - it's just not my cup of tea. However, this Ravage is surely cool and I'm quite pleased with it.



  1. great design !!! and i said that this is not the original color scheme, but i think this is better... very good deal, the second hand collectibles (provided that they are in good condition, as in this case) are a wise option to get cool stuff for a reasonable price... =)

  2. Can this ravage transform? The design is surely badass and some good works there. Would be more awesome if more parts are painted chrome.

    1. Dennis, it's a "Transfomers" so yeah surely it can transforms but I just lazy to do it because the alternate version don't mean much, I don't even understand what is it LOL.


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