Transformers Dark of the Moon - Shockwave

I bought these 2 used items from a local collectors for a mere SGD 35.00 (about USD 28.00 / EUR 22.00 / 2,627 Yen) which I think is quite a good deal even though they don't come with the box/packaging and the manuals but more importantly both items are in great working condition, no damage what so ever.

So for now, let's review the Shockwave first. This Shockwave is from the Voyager Class from the "Transformers - Dark of the Moon" movie toy series produced by Hasbro.

I will start with the vehicle mode of this Shockwave which is a "Cybertronian Tank" actually and despite the alien and futuristic looks, I think this tank is quite cool and I like it a lot;

Overall, the tank mode surely looks cool and not much I can say about it anymore as I don't know much about tank and apparently we don't really see this mode in the movie anyway but Hasbro decided that when they did the toy for this Shockwave, they somehow must create his alternate form so that we can do some transformation and at the end they choose this one and surely a nice choice - at least from my point of view.

Now let's look at the robot mode. Since this one don't comes with the manual, I have to search the transformation guide from Youtube and eventually all goes well. The transformation process is not that difficult though you still need to put it some decent effort to make it happen.

This is now the Shockwave in his robot mode - simply awesome bad ass!!!

Let's look around the whole body of this robot mode;

A close up look on the front part of the body - I love those lighten up mono eyes effect;

Now as for the right hand, it's up to your personal preference how you want it to be;

You can leave it folded like this;

Or you can release the hand and do it this way;

Well, at the end it's up to you to decide which one you prefers. My only minor complains so far on this Shockwave is those visible screw on the front part of the elbow joint, I think it would be nicer if the designer make the screw to appear at the rear side but then again, this what you get so deal with it.

The canon on his right arm is certainly cool and it comes with those "Mech Tech" thingy and more importantly that black colored rubber material hose - it can be good or bad - depends how it is. Certainly it improve the looks of this Shockwave one way or another - looks cool with that hose for sure - but then again, that hose can also affect the articulation on the right arm as it tend to pull the arm lower after you raised it up high;

One of the solution, if you like, you can just remove the hose, then again it's up to you;

Without the hose, you can raised the right arm and canon higher, like this;

So it's up to you how you want it.

Moving on, articulation wise for this robot mode is quite good though its not really totally marvelous either. There are some limitation on the shoulder but beyond that I guess the overall articulation quality is good, I'm happy with it.

These are some action pose I did after removing that black hose;

And now I removed all weapons from his arms;

And I can do more fun action pose now;

Side by side with the Fall Of Cybertron Soundwave;

Overall, this is a brilliant Voyager Class Shockwave produced by Hasbro. The mecha design is simply awesome, I love the fact that they allowed lots of lights to go thru the head and thus resulting to that awesome looking "lighten up" mono eye effect. The overall robot mode looks is simply cool and bad ass while the purple color scheme seems to work very well for this Shockwave. I guess this is one of the coolest Shockwave toys I've seen so far.



  1. I like the beast hunter Shockwave better.

  2. He looks pretty cool and yet died so easily -_-

  3. i guess you got it from another collector because it looks like new !!!... believe it or not, i have not seen the parts 2 and 3 of this trilogy, so i have no idea about this character or its background, but the mecha design is quite appealing both as robot and vehicle... i will be waiting for the "next episode"... =)

  4. Good price a highly sought TF character. Think the armor belt is pretty cool! In robot mode, it look kind of beefed up but sleek from the side. Hee! Hee!


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