Takara Tomy A.R.T.S - Canon IV Sb + Serenar 28mm F3.5i

This is "Takara Tomy A.R.T.S - Canon IV Sb + Serenar 28mm F3.5 I" - basically a miniature model of that particular camera, lens and accessory with the same name that exist long time ago during the film photography era, I guess in the 70's or 80's - I'm not really sure but certainly this thing do exist.

I saw this in one of the local toys & hobby shops in here and upon seeing it I decided to pick it up instantly coz this thing is just gorgeous!!!! I love camera and photography and this is really a sweet miniature models and it's pretty rare to see such classic model around.

The price is just SGD 7.00 (about USD 5.70 / EUR 4.30 / 564 Yen) and thus I think many of you wont think twice to grabbed this item with such decent price.

Furthermore, if we really want to buy the real camera - first it will be difficult to find, second it can be pricey and sometime it does not work anymore so you just buying a piece of classic junk for the sake of satisfying yourself - so a mere SGD 7.00 for this miniature model is quite reasonable - at least for me.

No box for this one, the shop just wrapped it up with some plastic bags, I'm fine with that.

Out of the plastic wrapper, we will get all these;

As you can see from the above picture, you can see the classic decal sticker there and you need to do a little bit of fun work with it but it's not difficult at all.... it's fun... those decal sticker enhanced the overall look of this camera;

 So this is it now after we put all those decal stickers;

Let's have a closer look on this item - first the camera body;

The lens;

And finally this viewfinder (I guess);

Now it's time to put them all together;

And the final result is a brilliant looking miniature classic Canon range finder camera with add-on view finder and a fix range wide angle lens - I really love that classic look. There is modern digital range finder camera produced by Fujifilm called X100 that looks more or less the same - I dreamed to get it someday if I can afford it - such an ambitious dream for a mere farmer like me... sigh....

Size comparison with the typical 1/64 scale Hot Wheels die cast car model;

Side by side with my second camera, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2, with this pancake lens set up I could say that this is the real modern range finder LOL....

Overall, this is an impressive miniature model from Takara Tomy with brilliant sculpt and casting, great painting job finishing and the final result is simply exciting. I knew Takara Tomy are good in producing miniature toys and this is yet another wonderful creation from their talented designing team. Frankly speaking I never knew anything about this Takara Tomy A.R.T.S before and this is my first encounter with their products and so far I am impressed and looking forward for more.

If you can understand Japanese, then try visit their website = http://www.takaratomy-arts.co.jp/



  1. it’s quite similar to what you get with a gashapon, but the level of detail is amazing !!!... beautiful mini replica, it has all the taste of the old analogic cameras with a great level of realism !!!... i wish to get something like this =OOOOO

  2. I have one mini olympus OM-D camera of these takara tomy's mini camera but this one looking much better cool stuff :D

    1. Aya, mind giving me your Olympus OM-D, since you don't really need it :-p LOL LOL LOL...

  3. Well-made miniature with the details captured in macro mode. That's Panasonic Lumix of yours are surely sexy too!


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