1/100 MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Katoki - Shewsbury Custom Part 1 of 2

This is a 1/100 scale 1/100 MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Katoki - Shewsbury Custom. In a way, this is a review for the Crossbone Gundam of Version Katoki in the way you never seen before.

First thing first, this is the actual look (Note: I do not claim any rights on this picture. All rights and credits belong to the owner):

And this the modified look of my Mg Crossbone Gundam X-1, while still retaining the overall look of the actual/original, I basically just removed the "X" thingy at the back and of course I put all those "automotive accessories related" stickers - something that not many GunPlaMo fans would do. Other than that, I also did some weird changes on the front skirt - I use the extra units which I believe supposed to be the extra rear skirt - but hey, I wanted my to look different or maybe some will say "weird" than the others, so yeah, I choose a totally whacko front skirt.... I think no body like what I did but more importantly, I like it!!! I always believe that once a in while its fun to do something differently than what most other people did. Furthermore, this is "Shewsbury Custom" so yeah, I do what I like with it.

So before you proceed further, if you can read that is, just as a simple plain warning, if you expect this to be the typical GunPlaMoKit review like many others out there on the internet, you will be disappointed, this review is done based on the Shewsburian Style so if you don't like it, just shut the fuck up and go find a better review - there are thousands of them out there, just go Google them. In here, it's my way or the highway.

This kit is assembled by my 2 darlings, Jenifer and Jenny - they did a brilliant job on it, way much better than I could - all the credits goes to them, they deserve it. Though at the end I'm the one who did the final detailing and touch up as well the so called "modification" on the back pack.

In the past few years I fell lazy working on 1/100 Master Grade kits as I see them as something that is quite laboring though I still don't mind working on the smaller and simpler 1/144 HG kits - I'm just a lazy farmer, that's why. 

Now let's go to the weapon - this is the buster gun, it can launch grenades (standard and nuclear warhead type) and this buster gun is basically a combined form of the beam zanber; zanbuster in which we will explore more later on as we go thru this review;

Here you are, the Gundam with his buster gun;

OK, now let's have a look the beam zanber and zanbuster that I mentioned earlier - you just need to spread them like this;

And this is it;

Now let's pose this uncle with the zanbuster;

And now with the beam zanber;

And now the fix armaments - first this brand marker/beam shield, mounted one on each forearm;

Here it is now with the brand marker/beam shield...

The ankle parts seems to be exciting as well with this gimmick;

Next, we will look at the heat dagger, stored in thighs, hand-carried in use, blades can extend or be launched from soles of feet - no jokes;

Although we mentioned earlier that the blades can extend or be launched from soles of feet - well, in real life or as far as this GunPlaMoKit concern, you have to actually plug it onto the soles of his feet.... like this;

And then you can kick all the scumbag of the universe!!!! LOL LOL LOL....

Next, we will look at the "weird front skirt" that I mentioned way much earlier;

There is some sort of armaments called "screw whip" stored inside this skirt;

And this is the "screw whip" - you can now use it to whack all those crazy bitch LOL;


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