Kamen Rider Wizard - WAP!03 Hurricane Style

This the action figure of WAP!03 Kamen Rider Wizard Hurricane Style produced by Bandai.

The box;

Out of the box:

Let's have a look at the figure first;

A little bit of close up look on the figure;

Articulation is very good, the usual kneeling pose is not a problem;

This figure comes with the standard weapon - a sword and a gun;

You can then pose this figure with the weapons accordingly;

Hurricane Style (ハリケーンスタイル Harikēn Sutairu) is Kamen Rider Wizard's triangular emerald-based form, acquiring magical control over wind and air through the use of the Hurricane Ring. Hurricane Style is the fastest but weakest of the four Styles due to its increase in jumping height and running speed and decrease in punching and kicking powers. Hurricane Style has the ability to hover around the air for quick attacks and its well-suited for aerial combat. When Kamen Rider Wizard changes into this Style, the Wizardriver rhythmically chants Fū (風, "Wind"). The magic circle formed by the Hurricane Ring typically hovers in the air above Kamen Rider Wizard. He jumps upward through the circle in order to shift into this Style. It is also possible for Kamen Rider Wizard to project the circle below him and fall through it.

The standard gimmick on this figure is the light up LED on the head/face;

Overall, this is a very good action figure of Kamen Rider Wizard Hurrican Style. The fans of the tv series as well as Kamen Rider figures collectors in general might like this figure to be in their collections.



  1. so all of them have LED gimmick I was expecting something else @_@


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