Digirama - Limbo Rock

It would be better if you play this music/video before you scroll down further to get into the "Limbo" mode....


Hey wait... there is an alternate version on this story too, let's just say that this is the ALTERNATE CLIMAX LOL LOL LOL


Moral of the story... Oh well, there is not much "moral" out of it but maybe we can say that, it's OK to be fat, obesity is not evil, don't feel bad if you're fat, just be cool and try to live your life the best you could.... 

"Obese is Good" - in the same context when Gordon Gekko said in that movie "Wall Street" - "Greed is Good" LOL

So come on, don't feel bad just get up and go get your burger and eat it and enjoy life while you can.... 

Life happily, be healthy and strong like uncle Shewsbury!!!

FAQs - Do you know that "Limbo dance" is originally from Trinidad and Tobago? The original traditional version is from lower to higher position but the more popular modern version seems to be the other way round.

According to Wikipedia:

The Limbo dance originated as an event that took place at wakes in Trinidad and Tobago, and was popularized by dance pioneer Julia Edwards (known as the First Lady of Limbo) and her company which appeared in several films, in particular, "Fire Down Below" (1957) and toured widely in the Caribbean, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa in the 1960s and beyond. A film "Julia and Joyce" was released in 2010 by Trinidadian/American dance researcher/choreographer Sonja Dumas which features the evolution of the Limbo and the contribution of Julia Edwards to the explosion of its popularity.

Read more here = Limbo Dance



  1. Long live emperor Shewsbury :D this one pretty funny digirama

    I have problem with underweight ^^

    1. Aya, OK maybe next time I will make a digirama for underweight people like u LOL...

  2. A bunch of Riders, having a party. What a joyous gathering.
    Okay... the ending was VERY unexpected...

    And the SECOND ending was very "WTF DID I JUST READ?" moment. XD

    1. BD77, I got the inspiration from that Maxis Hotlink TV advertisement that also features Limbo dance thingy... though I'm not sure if u watch TV much....

  3. i think that a "Parental Advisory - Explicit Content" warning would look nice as an introduction to this crude story LOL... also i think that an alternative moral of the tale could be: "don’t dare to make fun of fat people or they will make you look like an idiot"... HOHOHO XD


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