Transformers Fall of Cybertron - Frenzy and Ratbat

After we got the Soundwave and Laserbreak, followed by Rumble and Ravage, we decided that it's better to complete the family by getting this Frenzy and Ratbat as well.... so here we are;

The packaging;

A little bit of information about Frenzy and Ratbat available from the back of the packaging;

Out of the packaging, you will get all these (and of coz the manual);

OK, let's start with this Frenzy guy;

Transformation from the "robot mode" into the "data disc mode" is extremely easy and fun;

Mechanical design wise, this Frenzy is actually "Rumble" in red color.

This is Frenzy now in "data disc mode" alongside the casing;

Now, let;s have a look at the Ratbat guy;

Design wise, Ratbat is in fact Laserbreak with a bat head and pink color;

 Transformation process from (I guess) "bat mode" into "data disc mode" is simply fun;

The Ratbat in "data disc mode" with the disc casing;

Both the Frenzy and Ratbat in "data disc mode":

All for of them (Frenzy, Ratbat, Ravage and Rumble) in "data disc mode" - I think they look awesome together;

Of coz we should also add Laserbreak;

The combination of all 5 of them from the above picture reminds me the "Revoltech Takeya Buddhist Statue Figure Series".


 And finally, the whole "Soundwave" family as a completed set complementing each other;

Overall, this is a fun addition to the voyager class Soundwave from the "Fall of Cybertron" series produced by Hasbro. I personally think it would be better if these Frenzy and Ratbat can have slightly different mecha design that somehow will also transform into "data disc mode" but I guess at the end, we just have to accept it the way it is now. They all look great in "data disc mode" inside their casing together though. I'm not a hardcore Transformers series fan and I don't know much about Transformers either but this set is certainly a fun one to have.



  1. the complete series !!! is a very colorful family =D... or like a music geek with his colection of CDs LOL... actually a great figure and one of the TF villains i like the most, a fine piece of toy engineering !!!... =O

  2. You have a cool collection of Soundwave and this new concept of 'Date Disc' seems to be a nice crossover of disc in cassette cartridge that won its popularity and acceptance. Leon from 'Open The Toy' also had reviewed on the Soundwave recently.


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