Tomytec - Tomica Limited Vintage - Toyota Crown Taxi

This is another exciting die cast car model from "Tomytec - Tomica Limited Vintage" - my old time favorite, Toyota Crown in the form of taxi - "Nippon Kotsu Taxi" - I guess the meaning is Japan Yellow Taxi but maybe I'm wrong either LOL.

When I was a young child, I remember the ride in this kind of taxi and I remember how impressed I was with the large interior space - well, I'm just a kid so everything seem to be big at that time... anyway and in fact, this Crown do have decent large interior space - at least for Asian standard at that particular point of time (around the 1980's).

Nonetheless, let;s have a look at this Crown...

The box;

Out of the box;

The painting finishing is brilliant while the detailing and marking is quite impressive as well.

No openable door but from the very little that I can see and what  I can show, I would say that the interior detailing is pretty good.

Front and rear/brake lights are made of plastic materials which added some realistic looks on such a small car model.

With all the other Crowns that we have in Shewsbury Land;

This complement our little "Crow" collections;

Overall, this is a very impressive die cast car model of classic Toyota Crown as "Nippon Kotsu Taxi". Despite the high price tag (about within USD 20.00), I somehow happy and impressed with the finishing of this model. In my opinion the price matched the details given for this scale. If you love miniature Toyota Crown, you might want to get this into your collections as well.



  1. Ohhh my !!! this diecast is such a beauty man !!! seriously it looks delicious in its taxi suit, much better than its counterparts published... now US$20 seems to me pretty fine but i don’t think i could get one of then for such price... unless i were living, you know, in Japan LOL =D

  2. The oil painting pic on the box provided a strong nostalgia... Very neat and precise paint work, remarkable standard by Tomica! The side mirror seems to have been left out in the actual toy.


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