Kyosho Honda Minicar Collection - Honda S800

The S800 is a sports car from Honda introduced at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show. The S800 would replace the successful Honda S600 as the company's image car and would compete with the Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire and Fiat 850 Spider.
Like the S600, it was available as either a coupe or roadster and continued the advanced technology of its predecessors. The 791 cc straight-4 engine produced 70 hp (52 kW) at 8000 rpm, thus making this Honda's first 100 mph (160 km/h) automobile. In April 1967 the car was described as the fastest production 1-litre car in the world thanks to its high revving engine (up to 10,000 rpm) and the manufacturer's history of manufacturing powerful relatively low capacity motor-cycle engines.

I am a big fan of "roadster" and Honda S2000 remain as my "dream car" and thus I love to collect the miniature die cast car model of Honda S2000 and it's predecessors. I hope to collect the S600 and S500 as well if I can find them in the future but so far I only have the 1/64 scale S2000 (from Tamiya) and this S800 from Kyosho.

So for now, let's have a look at this item;

First the box;

Out of the box, you will get all these stuff;

Comes with the display base and the name of the car maker/model is printed on it - very nice!!!

There is an information card supplied but it's in Japanese.... so yeah...

OK, now let's have a look at the car;

The marking and detailing work on the exterior is very good. Plastic parts is used instead of decals/paints for the main head lamp/front lights and the same goes to the brake lights/tail lights on the rear (of coz);

 The interior detailing - well, this is the first time I really see the interior works form Kyosho for their model at this scale - so far I would say it's impressive. See the 3 pictures below and its easier for me to say that this is certainly better than those typical Hot Wheels or even those models from Takara Tomy - Tomica series;

The wheel design selection is pretty realistic while the rubber tire and the chrome colored side mirror and of course the wiper - compliments the great looks of this die cast car model;

Overall, this is a very good die cast car model of Honda S800 from Kyoso. The body casting, painting finishing, marking and detailing are very good and I always feel amazed every time I look at this miniature model. The amount of quality works Kyosho put into their efforts while producing this model is certainly impressive.

Side by side with the Honda S2000 from Tamiya;

They looks great together ^__^

And now with the other cars from Kyosho, the NSX;

And now we add the Integra;

And let's throw in the other Honda from Takara Tomy - Tomica and Tomica Limited Vintage Neo series;

Last but not least, side by side with Datsun Fairlady 1200 (the great grandfather of Nissan Fairlady series)



  1. this is what i’m talking about !!! this model is gorgeous !!! tiny but extremely detailed, i love all the chromed trims and the super classic look, it has a lot of personality !!! you have a nice collection of Hondas... i think i have something in my magic pocket too LOL... =)


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