Hasbro - The Amazing Spiderman - Doctor Octopus and Power Arms (Tentacles)

Doctor Octopus (Dr. Otto Gunther Octavius) is a fictional character, (created by Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditkoa), a supervillain that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics since 1963. A highly intelligent mad scientist, Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man's greatest foes. He is typically portrayed as a stocky, myopic man who utilizes four powerful, mechanical appendages, and is obsessed with proving his own genius and destroying Spider-Man. 

The character has appeared in numerous Spider-Man cartoons and video games and is portrayed by Alfred Molina in the 2004 film Spider-Man 2 as the film's main antagonist. 

Doctor Octopus, as he became known, doesn't really like to eat Japanese foods, has become one of the web slinger's most persistent and dangerous foes for Spiderman. He enjoys anal sex and love to tease women with variety of Japanese vibrator sex toys in order to make them tired and weak after many waves of exciting orgasm.... LOL LOL LOL...

Never mind all those nonsense, for now, let's have a look at this typical 3.75 inch action figure produced by Hasbro.

The packaging;

Out of the packaging;

Now, let's have a look at the figure first;

A little bit of close up look;

Well, at least from what we can see on the above pictures, this figure is well made. The sculpt quality and detailing is quite decent and nothing for me to complain about the painting finishing either.

Articulation is not bad, though this figure is not qualified to be called as "the most articulated" but somehow, this figure at least can still do this kneeling pose which is a standard for Shewsbury Land figure review.

With courage and wisdom, I'm sure you can achieved some other action pose with this figure;

Now, the "Power Arms" or "Tentacles" as I personally love to call it LOL...

There is a little bit of "gimmick" on this "tentacles" thingy... there is a button there you can push and that will make the "tentacles" or "power arms" move forward a bit...

Something like this;

Other than that, you can freely "shaped" the tentacles to any possible direction you prefers - as long as within the limit of the rubber material;

You know, when ever I came across the word "tentacles" - this is exactly what I will have in mind;

Well, let's do some fun "digirama" with this Doctor Octopus and his "tentacles".... hehehehehe....

Overall, this is a decent action figure of Doctor Octopus. The sculpt quality and paint job finishing is good though the articulation is average but this is not a deal breaker at all. I love to collect these 3.75 inch action figures from Hasbro, especially the modern version as they are proved to be way much better than those that were produced over 10 or maybe even 20 years ago. I like to collect the heroes and also some of the bad guys though I wont really buy too many of this small figures because I'm quite selective and only interested in a few that matters.



  1. Hasbro is setting the standard again with these figures !!!... actually i like them very much, i ordered some of them, specific characters i like the most and a few of them have arrived already, very detailed, the articulation is great when you check their size, YUMI !!!... oh, and your horny stories returned as well LOL... =P XD


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