Transformers - Fall of Cybertron - Rumble and Ravage

This is another minion gadgets of Soundwave known as "Ravage" and "Rumble" from the Hasbro Transformers Falls of Cybertron toys series. Frankly speaking, this additional units is another factor that made me wanted to buy the Soundwave with Laserbreak, the review which you can read from the link below:

The packaging:

Some description about "Ravage" the less talkative black tiger (or is it panther?) and "Rumble" the talkative robot:

Out of the packaging, you will get all these:

This is the "Data Disc Box", each of them have the same:

Let's start with "Rumble" the mostly blue robot:

Size comparison with AAA size battery:

Rumble can transform into this "Data Disc":

Transformation from "Data Disc Mode" into "Robot Mode" is awesomely fast - just press that button and zoom......

Eventually it will be like this, you still need to do some minor adjustment to complete the transformation into robot mode:

You can later put "Rumble Data Disc" into the box/casing, like this:

Next, we will see this "Ravage" the black tiger (or is it panther?)

Some close up on the head:

This is Rumble in "Data Disc Mode":

Transformation process from "Data Disc Mode" into animal mode is the same as Rumble, just press the button and zooom.....

Eventually, it is not really like this, you still need to do a few minor things here and there to complete the transformation process....

And you can later put the "Data Disc" into the box/casing:

This is how they look like when attached onto the chest of Soundwave (sold separately):

So with the "Laserbreak" (red bird) included with Soundwave, we now have 3 of these fun minion gadgets of Soundwave.... another 2 to get for next time...

Overall, this is a pretty great additions to Soundwave with Laserbreak from "Hasbro Transformers Fall of Cybertron toy series and not to forget that this is a very good money making tools for Hasbro as well LOL. I fall in love with Soundwave and all his minion gadgets the very moment I saw them and I believe hardcore fans of Transformer and especially Decepticons Soundwave would love these items as well.

Of all the 3 of them, the Laserbreak (red bird) is the best when it comes to the quick transformation thingy as basically it will become a complete bird form immediately while the Rumble and Ravage need some additional minor adjustment before the transformation process is completed.



  1. the complete set is simply awesome !!! i had no idea it has a bunch of accesories which make it so desirable... if only my budget weren’t so restrictive lately, sigh*... but you have to do what you have to do LOL =)

    1. No worries and no rush man, this is mass produce items from Hasbro, you can get it easily next time.

  2. Nice, ravage and laserbreak are simply my favorite from these

    1. You have the same taste as me.... or do you purposely try to follow me LOL LOL LOL....


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