Transformers - Fall of Cybertron - Soundwave with Laserbeak

First and foremost, I'm not a big fan of Transformers series and thus I don't know much about it. I did watch the recent 3 movies from Hollywoood but beyond that I don't know much. However, I do love mecha or robots with humanoid form - a lot - plus, I kind of like this Soundwave guy. I think he is one cool intelligent robot with lots of gadgets. 

In the past I got this Transformers Music Label Soundwave and I think he is quite cool for a robot, since then, I started to like this Soundwave guy. Not much I know about him either but from what I read he is one of those bad guys from Decepticons side and he have plenty of minions and gadgets.

When I saw this Soundwave from the Hasbro's Transformers Fall of Cybertron series - he got my attention but when I saw that he have the "Laserbeak" guys included, without further thinking I just grabbed this.

So now... the box/packaging:

Some description about Soundwave:

Out of the box, you will get these:

First, lets have a look at this "Laserbeak" - its a red bird, probably an eagle or something that can transform into "Data Disc".

This is the bird mode:

This is the Data Disc mode:

Transformation is absolute fun (at least for me personally), just press this button:

And zoom.... in less than 1 second, it is now a birdie...

OK, now its time to see the Soundwave....

A little bit of close up to see the details;

Articulation for this Soundwave is very good. He can perform this kneeling pose without any problem, brilliant, absolutely brilliant:

And it doesn't stop there, the designer really put a lot of emphasis on great articulation for this Soundwave and I'm so pleased about it, well done Hasbro, a few pictures below will show you the great articulation ability of this Soundwave:

That gun or is it blaster pistol? what ever it is - Have some decent movement range when mounted on the shoulder:

Now, the features that I love the most, on the chest part where you can insert up to 2 "Data Disc";

Need to press here to open the cover:

And then, you need to insert the "Data Disc" inside (up to 2 can fit in there):

To eject the "Data Disc", again you need to push that thing:

I did not show it in here, but eventually, there is something at the back of the body to push the "Data Disc" out of his chest:

Oh well, this one is kind of hard to get out, so I need to pull it out a bit like this.... sigh:

 In theory, once the "Data Disc" ejected from the chest, it will automatically transform into the "animal mode":

Size comparison with 1/100 scale Gundam Age action figure (about 7 inches tall):

Side by side with the Transformers Music Label Soundwave:


Now it's time to transform Soundwave into the "vehicle mode" known as "Communications Truck".:


So this is now the vehicle mode - Communications Truck:

Not much I can say, I think it looks quite decent though - it's not overly exciting but certainly not terrible and it works pretty well. The most interesting thing about this vehicle mode is that you can still use the gimmick of ejecting the "Data Disc" from the same front compartment of his chest which is now become the front part of the vehicle mode.

Additionally, if you have any figure with the same size of that human figure from that MP-10 Convoy, then maybe you can put it on top of this truck as the operator of the canon mounted on top of the truck.

Overall, this is a very fun Soundwave figures from Hasbro. I love the features, the gadgets, the gimmicks and the great articulation. It's a fun toys and it can be a decent collectibles for some Transformers and/or Soundwave fans out there.

You can also read the review of the additional "data discs" of Soundwave from the link below:



  1. i like this Soundwave very much and as a villain is one of my favorites... it doesn’t look so bad in the communication truck mode but i agree that it looks better as a robot, the design and color scheme are sweet, also Laserbrake is great !!! (kinda reminds me a Bakugan LOL) =)


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