Tomytec - Tomicarama Used Car Dealer - Part 2 of 2

This is a direct continuation from Part 1, if you interested, you can view the Part 1 from the link below;

Anyway, moving on....

These are some office furniture and equipment as well as some other equipments/tools for the garage or service/repair section. All of them including that guy is in 1/64 scale - AWESOME!!!!!

They also gave this spare tires.....

So I continue doing a little bit of work placing the items here and there and this is it now the final looks on the office interior:

I plan to improve the look further in the future by printing some "posters" or brand label name that I can grab from around from the internet and stick it on the wall.... I think that would improve the looks.... but that is for next time... for now, we just look at this as it is, the original look.

This is the guy wearing blue in 1/64 scale.... quite simple and yet nicely finish, the painting finishing is very good for such a small figure:

You can place him anywhere around the diorama compound - in the office, in the garage or outside the office building.... as you pleased...

So, using the picture on the box as my sample (at least for now), this is then the completed diorama set:

Since I already have lots of cars from Takara Tomy, Tomica Limited, Aoshima, Fast Lane, Tamiya and Kyosho, all I need to do is just moving them all here on to the parking space of this diorama, just like this:

I'm grateful that I have plenty of these (Japanese) cars with right hand steering wheels (British/Japanese style) as it should be in accordance to the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM).

Eventually, I decided to do a little bit of changes on the location of the office building unit. Taking into account that there is a window on the right side of it (our left side when we look at the picture) - I personally think that it would be better to placed them like this;

I'm not saying that this may be the best set up for this diorama but rather this is just my personal taste, if you happen to have this item, you can do it the way you want it to be - as you pleased....

Overall, for USD 100.00 - I guess this item worth every dollar I spent on it. I have no complains what so ever. It looks almost real, no "cartoonish" feels on it. I'm very happy with the workmanship - the painting job and all the add-on stickers are all in good quality. No doubt that this is one of the best items we have so far in Shewsbury Land in this Dragon year of 2012. I guess this item will be out of stock soon and then will appear in E-Bay with slightly higher mark up price - the early birds should be very happy on their decision to booked this item earlier from Japan online toys and hobby shop.

By the way, you should have a look at this anime advertisement from Mercedes Japan, very cool - don't forget to switch on the subtitles by pressing the "CC" button.... good luck and enjoy....



  1. pretty expensive for playset but sure the real looking make it awesome


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