Tomy Kabaya - Transformers Deathsaurus (Dezaras)

This is a transformable plastic model kit (or something like that) of Deathsaurus or Dezaras from Tomy (I assume it is Takara Tomy) thru their "Kabaya" series.

I don't know much about Transformers and this character, I bought it coz it's cheap SGD 5.00 (USD 4.00 / EUR 3.10 / 355 Yen) and just like the Soundwave that we reviewed recently (see the link below), I like this guy because he have that bird that can be attached/detached from his chest part, I think it's fun.

The box;

Out of the box;

These all of them;

Assembly work is not difficult though the sticker works (at least for me) can be challenging... I'm pretty sucks with it to be honest....

So let's see the Dezaras in robot mode;

A little bit of close up look;

About the features... well, as I mentioned earlier, this Dezaras have that birdie that can be attached/detached from his chest which I think is quite cool;

Not much to talk about articulation but this Dezaras at least have all the minimum that we could expect from this kind of toys - don't forget the cheap price;

This is the birdie;

This Dezaras also comes with this blaster rifle and this shield that later can be transformed as the tail in dinosaur mode;

So this is the posing with all the weapons in robot mode;

And now let's see the dinosaur mode;

Transformation is very easy;

Overall, this is fine cheap Transfomer toys that you can get. Some effort required to build and assemble it but I can assure you that it's very easy and fun and most of all, somehow, this Dezaras still can "transform" from robot mode to dinosaur mode - simply what you would expect from a Transformers toys.



  1. simple toy but very detailed, i didn’t believe it could be transformed !!!... actually i’m against the stickers, not because i have had a "big deal" placing them (LOLOLOL) but because they don’t last for so long, specially if they are not plasticized... when some time has passed, they fade, lose luster, end scratched and ruin the whole appearance of the collectible... =(

    1. Chris, I agree with you 100% - no more to add on that, what you said is true!!!!

  2. oh the candy toy transformers

    the only thing I see weak about these transformers they required some disassembling to transform and the stickers sucks they won't stick very good

    1. Aya, true... whatever you said is exactly what my complains are on this item... you are one smart little smurf...

  3. Nostalgia! The type of candy toys I used to owned and excellent miniature to classic Transformers. Attractive box artwork and awesome encore.


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