Tomica Limited Vintage Neo - Toyota Crown Eclair 2000

This is a die cast car model of "Toyota Crown Eclair 2000" at 1/64 scale produced by "Tomytec" under their "Tomica Limited Vintage Neo series".

The box/packaging:

Out of the box:

A little bit of close up to see the fine detailing on this model:

The interior detailing and marking is quite remarkable, apart from the missing side mirror which is in a way quite common for car model at this scale, I believe Tomytec have done a great job on this model, simple as that.

As for the interior detailing, there is no openable door but then again, from the very minimum that I saw, I can safely say that the interior detailing is very nice and in fact I'm impressed with it....

Apparently, we have 2 units of this car model and I decided to do a little bit of "customization" on the other model for fun sake....

Original looks (before customization):

The new looks (after customization):

Overall, I personally think that this die cast car model is indeed what can we expect from this "Vintage series" and the price higher price (if compared to the typical Tomica series) is justified with the brilliant painting finishing, casting and detailing works.

Toyota Crown is one of the oldest brand/series from Toyota and it is one of my favorite Toyota cars due to it's relatively large interior size and also the well build width body is just awesome.



  1. these Tomytec models are truly beautiful man !!! actually i’m eager to get at least one of them for my collection, if only they weren’t this hard to get for me ;(... although the Crown is not precisely my favorite japanese luxury car and i would prefer something from Nissan, specially the Patrol, this one looks lovely with its precise detail everywhere... =)

  2. Merry Christmas Shewsbury Land :)

    I like the modified one more ^^


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