Revoltech - Alien Queen

This is Revoltech Alien Queen produced by Kaiyodo under their "Sci-Fi Revoltech series".

The box/packaging:

Out of the box/packaging, not much you will get but only these stuff;

Now, let's have a look at this Alien Queen....

Features on the head/face/mouth:

The sculpt detailing on this Queen is pretty astonishing.... Probably there are other better Alien Queen figurine out there other from other manufacturer(s) but for me personally, what I see on this one is already good enough....

Equipped with the Revoltech joints here and there - which means this figure have good articulation. However, in real life situation, despite the word "good articulation" usually means many possible action pose, for this particular Alien Queen, you in fact have to do plenty of adjustment before you can really pose it accordingly. You just need to be a little bit of patient and it should be OK....

Oh yeah, I must also mention here that if in case you wanted to pose this Queen without the display stand provided, you really need to make the best use of it's flexible movable tail as the 3rd legs to support the weight and balance the whole body....

Overall, this is a brilliant "action figure" of Alien Queen from the popular Alien movie franchise. The sculpt quality, detailing and paint job is excellent and the material selection is equally impressive. I don't really like ugly creatures or alien thingy buy then again, this is the popular Alien Queen, right?



  1. totally agree, this is a very well done collectible, even the packaging has a great design !!!... the Aliens movie saga is my favorite among the science fiction genre and the most iconic is definitely the 2nd part (Aliens The Return) which combines perfectly action, horror, suspense and drama, it’s just freaking awesome !!!... i would love to get any of the military vehicles involved in this movie (even the USS Sulaco mothership)... =)

  2. Black widow not as strong as Ellen ripley


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