Habsro - Marvel The Avengers - Black Widow

This is the typical 3.75 inch action figure of "Black Widow" or "Natasha Romanoff" or simply "Natalia Romanova" in Chinese language (LOL) produced by Hasbro under their popular "Marvel - The Avengers" figures and toys series.

This particular action figure is without doubt from the popular movie - "The Avengers" (2012.).
So as usual, let's have a look at this figure;

A little bit of close up look on the face to see the sculpt quality: 

I personally feel that the face sculpt quality (for this kind of figure and price range) is very good.

The breast size is kind off a little bit bigger to my liking... maybe will be more perfect if it's 20% lesser than the current size LOL....

Articulation is pretty awesome for this figure. Hasbro use all their expertise to make this figure able to perform many type of action pose including the usual kneeling pose of Shewsbury Land.

And now, its time for the real action pose;

If you happen to have those extra weapons from the Hasbro Star Wars action figures, I guess you can let the Widow to have fun with them all...

Overall, this is a brilliant 3.75 inch action figure of "Black Widow" from Hasbro. The sculpt, painting finishing quality and articulation is very good. This can be a very fun action figure to play with or just as collectible items for the collectors of Marvel - The Avengers series.


  1. gangbang action ahahahah XD

    I agree for less than $10 the face don't looks bad(3.75 retail for USD 7.99 I believe) but I don't think we can get this for $10 in asia :(


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