Transformers Ravage USB Flash Disk (4GB and 8GB)

Bought this for "Transformers Ravage USB Flash Disk" for a mere SGD 20.00 (about USD 16.00 / EUR 13.00 / 1,256 Yen) for the 4GB and SGD 30.00 (about USD 24.00 / EUR 19.50 / 1,885 Yen) for the 8GB recently from one of the local toy shop and judging from the price we knew that this is the "knock off" version but I couldn't be bothered coz this is one cool USB Flash Disk to have especially when they come at such cheap price and you will also get the transformation features. This USB Flash Disk can fold flat or transform into Ravage, the tiger-like (or rather jaguar-like) creature in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" movie.

Let's have a look at this item now - first in USB Flash Disk mode;

You can hide that connector panel by using the slider mechanism down there;

Despite this being the "knock off" or "pirated" or "fake" version from some factory in somewhere in China but I have to say that the painting finishing is quite decent and the overall materials used feels quite sturdy, doesn't feel like this is a cheap stuff at all.... some people might just believe that this is the "real one" produced by Takara Tomy.

And now, the tiger or rather the jaguar mode;

The transformation process is quite easy, even for a non-hard core "Transformers" fan like me. It takes about within 20 to 30 seconds or up to 1 minute depending on how slow you are LOL....

Not much to say about the "storage aspect" of it, basically it works just like any other typical USB Flash Disk with the transfer rate of 480 mbps for USB 2.0 and you either can store up to about 4GB or 8GB of files/data inside it depending on the size.

Overall, for the cheap price, good painting finishing, sturdy material and simple transformation process added with the practical use value of the USB Flash Disk drive, I believe this is a very great value for the money. Recently at one of the local consumer fair event, I bought a 16GB USB Flash Drive for SGD 12.00 (about USD 9.60 / EUR 7.80 / 754 Yen) and surely when I compare the price per storage capacity wise, surely we can say that this Ravage is a little pricey but then again, this Ravage have a cool transformation features and basically we are paying extra for that.

I knew that it's unethical to buy the so called "knock off" or "pirated" or "fake" products but then again they are times when all those issue is just out of the window and it's the money in your wallet who will determined the outcome, especially for a poor farmer like me.

I Google around to see how much the original from the Takara Tomy would cost and found out that the price is USD 50.00 for a mere 2GB storage space. Obviously we all want the best and the originals but then again, money talks - and once a in a while I think its OK if we can get something that gives good value for our money... right? OK, I know Takara Tomy doesn't agree with me on this no matter what LOL....

This Ravage can be a good companion to the Soundwave;

And out of nothing at all... I got an idea creating this picture;



  1. this a knock-off wow pretty impressive, Like the last picture ^^

  2. Wow it is prefect for the soundwave! In term of scales.

  3. so to say, this is "bootleg"... uhmmmm, not bad at all, specially when the Takara original is very expensive... no surprises about its scale compared with Soundwave, since they took the same mold of the original... i hope the Takara’s dogs will not bite you to death LOL... in that case, showing your Soundwave will calm down them HAHAHAHA...

  4. That's quite a big USB thumb-drive. One of the pics really looks like PUMA logo. Hee! Hee! I remember you review on the MP3 Soundwave not long ago. Very compatible putting Ravage and Soundwave together.


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