Samsung Galaxy S3

Finally I broke my own record - that is - buying expensive mobile phone that cost over SGD 500 (about USD 401 / EUR 327 / 31,780 Yen) and the exact price for this for is SGD 770 (about USD 618 / EUR 504 / 48,940 Yen) - which for me personally is WOW >__<

I'm sure many of you Android fans out there have heard a lot of hypes about this phone and what I can tell now, it is indeed exactly true that this phone is really one of the most exciting Android phone out there... at least for now...

If you want a detailed review about this phone, you can read the professional review from the following website;

Basically in this article I just wanna share some of the most exciting features that I love the most on this phone.

Out of the box, apart from some booklet about the product information, you basically will only get all these stuff;

This is the phone, I choose white color coz I think it looks gorgeous!!!

It has quite a large display size at 4.8 inches with "Full HD" resolution of 720 x 1280 at ~306 ppi pixel density).

You can see the full spec from the link below;

Size comparison with my other phone "B. Mobile Mystique" (Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread), tablet Huawei MediaPad (originally Android 3.x.x Honeycomb upgraded to 4.x.x Ice Cream Sandwich) and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.x.x Ice Cream Sandwich with Samsung customization)

Frankly speaking, the Android Gingerbread on "B.Mobile Mystique" is quite stable, I never experienced any crash or hang on it, I love it a lot but that is just a mid-range level so it is not a multimedia super power. One of the best thing I love about Android Gingerbread is that we can turn off the "continuous background updating process" or more directly known as "BACKGROUND DATA".

In Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) however, it's kind of hard to do it.... well, there is a way actually by setting the amount of data limit but I think it would be better if I can just turn it off easily like it was in Gingerbread. Not sure why they made it like this and I'm sure not many user like it.

"B.Mobile Mystique" and "Samsung Galaxy S3" side by side;

When it comes to display size by inches the Mystique is not bad actually though resolution and quality wise the S3 is a clear winner - then again, it's wrong to compare them that way considering the price;

The tablet Huawei MediaPad with the S3 side by side;

The S3 on my hand;

OK, apart from all the high quality display, performance and fun customization options, the main thing that made me bought this phone is simply the ability to play video (in a smaller size) while at the same time using other apps or browsing the internet on my phone.... at this point of time, for me, that is really WOW... I never experienced that before in the previous 3 Android devices I've ever had... maybe this will be a standard in the future, I don't know but it is certainly cool - at least for now.....

I can also drag it to any part of the screen to my liking like this while;

This is damn cool!!!! I love it.....

Along with the phone I grabbed this leather case to protect this expensive phone from harm though I'm not sure how great it is. I knew the Apple iPhone have that "shock observing" protective casing which is quite interesting but so far none yet for this S3 :-(

The only other fantastic features that I love the most also is the camera of this S3. After taking photos of people/portrait - you can directly tag the photo and the phone will remember their face in the future so that next time maybe the phone will recognized them and give priority focus on their face - especially in a group photo where many people involved. Similar technology already exist and used by Panasonic in some of their current and latest camera products and I guess other camera maker may have either already have it as well or will follow suit soon.

For testing and example reason, I just use these bunch of Bill Clinton (and family) photos I found on the internet, show them full screen on my monitor and take the photo for the sake of testing the face tagging feature in the S3... for the record, Bill Clinton is my favorite modern era President of the USA.

Features wise, the camera is one of the best I've ever use on mobile phone device.

And of course they are few others interesting features that I like but what I share here is the top of them all. In addition, you can view this YouTube video explaining some of the other cool features of this S3;

Note: All credits and rights belong to the owner and uploader of that video, I do not claim any rights what so ever.

Overall, this is one hell of a phone, for a vegetable farmer like me at least. All this fun features comes with a remarkable price tag but then again still cheaper than the current or latest Apple iPhone anyway. I have to admit, for a mere farmer like me, this phone is expensive but so far I'm enjoying every bit of it and I love it a lot. Life is short, so I guess, once a while its OK to spoiled ourselves by getting a great item like this for we never knew that tomorrow may never come... enjoy it while we can...

Samsung Galaxy S3 - made for human..... Samsung said that....



  1. Cheaper if you signed the the contract line in Singapore. Feedback from friend is that the screen is big and sharper. The problem he faced this that the hp is difficult to switch on after changing battery.


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