Tomica Limited - Lexus LFA (5 Models)

This is a special box set of 5 units of Lexus LFA die cast car models produced by Takara Tomy thru their "Tomica Limited series.

The Lexus LFA is production 2-seat sports coupe from Lexus. It is the second model in the "F" marque line of performance vehicles from Lexus, following the IS F.

The production model, trademarked LFA, was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2009. The vehicle is partly named after the Fuji Speedway race track in Japan, and the moniker "LFA" stands for "Lexus Fuji Apex".

The production Lexus LFA features a new V10 engine and a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) body. The LFA went into production in late 2010, with a projected run of 500 vehicles at the base price of around US$375,000. A circuit-tuned variant debuted in 2012 with a base price of around US$445,000 making it the most expensive Japanese road car ever built.

This car can produced 560 hp with it's 4.8L V10 engine, faster than the gargantuan Nissan GT-R (R35) and fast enough to kill any stray dogs on the street LOL...

Not many people can afford to buy this car but at least many of us can afford this special box set die cast car models from Tomica Limited - Takara Tomy.

Now it's time to take them out from that box;

First, we will look at this orange color which they called as "Nurburgring Pacakge";

Next the red color;

And the pearl yellow color;

The whitest white color;

And lastly, the black color;

Basically, for the red, yellow white and black - apart from the color differences, they are basically the same. As for the orange "Nurburgring Package" - in fact it is also the same with only the additional rear spoiler in black, the rest are all the same.

Not much to be highlighted on exterior detailing as well, we can see the Lexus "L" logo at the front;

Wheel and tire detailing is quite decent, nothing great though - they use rubber instead or plastic for "Tomica Limited" series;

At the rear, again we can see the "L" logo for Lexus and the car model name LFA - that's about it;

The scale for these die cast car models is 1/61 scale.

Oh yeah, in case you asking, there is no openable door feature on this model and thus we can't show the interior to you but for what is worth, based on my personal observation and also based on previous experience from several models we had from "Tomica Limited" series, there is nothing spectacular to talk about on the interior detail anyway, it is more or less the same as those from the regular "Tomica" series which is rather at average level.

They also gave you this bonus item - the LFA car key;

Not sure if it's really the same scale with the real LFA key but this is the comparison I made with our "real car" keys;

Overall, I personally feel that as a box set of 5, this is indeed quite a special collectible item to have, especially if you are one of those "Tomica" or "Tomica Limited" collectors and/or if you are a big fan of Lexus LFA. The painting finishing is great, exterior detailing is average, though there is no openable door feature but at least you get the same car with several color variation.

Apparently, "Takara Tomy" produced this particular die cast car model with left hand steering wheel (American style) and I'm quite disappointed with it but to be fair, I'm not sure if the real Lexus LFA are actually only available with left hand steering wheel (American style) or maybe the right hand steering wheel (British/Japanese style) may also be available.... I just don't know and I'm not sure. Probably it's possible that they made this particular model of super car only with left hand steering wheel (American style).

The coolest thing about this special box set of 5 is that when you leave it in the box and display it this way, it looks kind of great;

However, if you happen to display them out of the box like this, then no "wow" factor on it anymore... OK, to be fair that is just my personal opinion and preference... you might have other idea.

That's how it looks like on our "show room" LOL;



  1. this set must be a good deal for those who want a sort of assortment of the same model, which i guess is pretty normal, but i would prefer something more varied (different decor for example)... the box art is great, specially the interior, the exterior detail on the cars themselves is bellow my expectations from Tomica Limited (i mean, not even a plastic insert for the lights ???), but the wheels design and the key souvenir are nice additions indeed (as far as i know, Johnny Lightning and Hot Wheels, in some limited editions offer this kind of key souvenir as well)... the orange is my favorite here... =)

  2. Though the same in model but it's sweet they come in different colors and spoilers as a set. The LFA key is a sweet addition and in overall they look really posh. Don't tell me you actually drives a Ferrari?

  3. hi Dennis, thanx for ur comment, no i dont have Ferrari, i drive Porsche Boxter which I called Red Dragon and Chery A520 which i called Blue Dragon or Gouf :-)


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