Tomica - Isuzu ELF Sagawa Exp

This is a die cast truck model of "Isuzu ELF" used by Sagawa Express at 1/68 scale produced by Tomica (Takara Tomy). In the box, it is stated there as "Isuzu ELF Sagawa-Exp" and frankly speaking I'm not sure what that means so after doing some Google, I found out that it is for "Sagawa Express Co. Ltd."

Note : I do not claim any credits and rights for the above picture. All credits and rights belong to the the owner, Mariemon, who contributed this picture to Wikipedia.

Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. (佐川急便株式会社 Sagawa Kyūbin Kabushiki-gaisha), is a core operating company of the SG Holdings Group, provides door-to-door delivery service and logistics solutions provider. Sagawa is a major transportation company in Japan. Its headquarters are in Minami-ku, Kyoto. It competes with Yamato Transport, Nippon Express and other major logistics companies. Sagawa's major customers include Amway,, Softbank BB, Yamada Denki, Culture Convenience Club (Tsutaya), Keyence, Sony Style, Askul, and Digital Media Mart.

Nonetheless, let's have a look at this die cast truck;

There is no openable door for the cockpit but from what I can see on the interior details basically there is nothing great on it, just the typical Tomica interior detailing, it still quite decent though.

Exterior detailing and marking is very good, painting finishing is great too'

The only feature of this truck is this openable rear cargo door;

Not much to see inside but I think it's still a decent feature, something that I surely want for this kind of vehicle;

Overall, this is a very good die cast truck model of Isuzu ELF. The painting finishing, detailing and marking is brilliant. I bought this together with the "Isuzu ELF with Aerial Platform" to compliment our truck collection coz I thought it would be best to have them both than just one in order to exhibited the variant of this Isuzu ELF.

I know that majority of miniature die cast collectors tend to love those "sports car" type only and who can blame them, some of those "sports car" are quite delicious and it is easy to like them.

However, they are also some collectors who also love the other type of vehicles like construction vehicles, trucks, van and so on - in fact there are some collectors who dislike "sports car" and instead like the other type of vehicle that I mentioned just now.

I my self love those wonderful "sports car" but I also don't want to only focus on them only. Once in a blue moon, when I saw some gorgeous trucks or ambulance or anything else, I will pick them up. I dislike those police or fire rescue car/vehicle type, just a personal taste in collecting, not that I have anything against policemen or fireman though hahahahaha.

Side by side with the "Isuzu ELF with Aerial Platform"

With some of other gorgeous vehicles in our collection;



  1. another good work in trucks by Tomica... i love specially the paint job and pad printing, is very accurate !!!... by the way, as you already know, i like many kinds of vehicles, seriously i couldn’t be monothematic... =)


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