Tomica - Isuzu ELF Aerial Platform

This is the die cast model of "Isuzu ELF with Aerial Platform" at 1/68 scale produced by Tomica of Takara Tomy. Isuzu ELF known locally here as Isuzu NHR is a light duty truck produced by Isuzu. Outside Japan it is known as N-series.

The range was primarily available in Japan, Hong Kong and some other Asian countries, and since the late 1980s, also in the United States, Chile, Colombia (under the Chevrolet brand with the use in it trucks the legend "TecnologĂ­a Isuzu"/ with Isuzu Technology), and Peru (under the Chevrolet brand), besides others.

Nonetheless, for now, let's have a look at this exciting Isuzu ELF;

No openable door feature and interior details is just average and typical of "Tomica standard", nothing great but still decent overall. On the front part we can see the manufacturer name "Isuzu" and also the model name "ELF".

Detailing and marking on the other section of this truck is quite decent;

This is the "aerial platform";

With a little effort using marker pen, we can add some "extra" details there;

See, much better now;

The main feature of this model is obviously the "aerial platform" and in my opinion it is indeed quite exciting;

Apart from being able to do 360 degrees rotation, the platform can also be extended like this;

Overall, this is a very fun Isuzu Elf at miniature scale. The aerial platform gimmick is exciting and I love it very much. Painting finishing, detailing and marking is very good. If you are a fan of miniature die cast trucks, then this should be a fun addition into your collection. I personally feel that this is one of the most exciting truck we've got after Tomica Subaru Sambar Noodle Truck.



  1. definitely Tomica should dedicate its efforts to produce lines of trucks, they do a great job there... but i guess there are a lot of people out there used to their vintage-style/no-so-detailed diecast...

    HUH !!! you mentioned my country and you’re right this light truck is branded as Chevrolet NPR, but this particular variation doesn’t exist... =)

  2. Great details! The words are very sharp and good colour combination! Simple and gentle, just like the Japanese... errr... I guess...


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